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Primitives by Kathy Christmas Decor

Primitives by Kathy Christmas Decor

If you like the rustic look, you will love these signs by Primitives by Kathy. You can find signs of all sized to hang or prop up for permanent or temporary decor, but they also make a lot of other items including aprons, towels, throw pillows, picture frames and more. Each sign has a different saying--some are traditional, some funny, some heartwarming. I have put a few on this page, but you can easily click through any of these links to see more of them. They are very affordable and lots of fun for making your home a bit warmer in spirit and giving to others as a gift.

Primitives by Kathy Square Box Sign, 6-Inch, Merry Christmas

Primitives by Kathy Square Box Sign, 6-Inch, Merry Christmas

Primitives by Kathy's Merry Christmas Box Sign is made of wood and can sit or hang. It reads "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night". Primitives by Kathy is a leading producer of high quality decorative box signs and home decor.

Box Sign - Merry Little Christmas

Box Sign - Merry Little Christmas

Primitives By Kathy Box Sign, Dance In The Rain,4x4 Inch

Primitives By Kathy Box Sign, Dance In The Rain,4x4 Inch

I love this expression on this particular sign. A lovely sentiment that can be posted in your home all year long. Click through the link above for more choices of items from this company.

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Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor

Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor

Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor by Jennifer Rizzo

If you are looking for a fresh new look for the holidays this year, or maybe you are tired of the new look and want some more eclectic style with vintage items, you should definitely shell out the few dollars to buy this new book by Jennifer Rizzo. It is full of inspiration and ideas to help you decorate for this year's holiday season, and you can see just by the cover that it is full of fun.

The book is entitled, Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor (CD Included), and it is sold out of the first shipment into Amazon, so get your order in for the next shipment. Only $8.99 in Kindle, you can also buy it in paperback for a handy reference. This is a great way to bring your family together for this holiday season.

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HammerWhoever conceived the idea of cracking a nut with a rock unknowingly invented a tool. When a later genius tied a stick to the rock, he invented the first hammer. There have been many improvements since that humble beginning.

A claw hammer is the best choice. A well-made hammer with curved claw opposite the striking face of cast steel is a good investment.

Keep the striking surface clean and never put it away when it is wet. If the hammer head works loose, drive a wooden wedge at the top of the hammer head. Some people soak their hammers but this only swells the wooden handle temporarily and is apt to cause rust later. A sharp blow on the head will apparently tighten it, but a few moments of use will only loosen it again.

To use a hammer, grasp the handle at the end-never near the head-and be sure to strike the nail squarely and at the same angle as the direction you wish to drive the nail. Hold your hammer level with the nail-never at an angle up or down. Otherwise, the nail will bend or may come out through the wood. Use light taps until the nail is well started. Don't hurry.

The nail set is used to sink the head of the nail below the surface of the wood.

Do not use your nail hammer to work metal, or pound cold chisels, or to drive rivets. Use it only to drive nails and brads.

The metal-working hammers divide themselves into two classifications- hard-face and soft-face. One of the best general-purpose hammers is the ball peen hammer; this is often called a machinist's hammer.

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Hot Pink in the Kitchen

Hot Pink in the Kitchen

Choosing Hot Pink for Kitchen Decor

When it comes to choosing a color for painting or decorating a kitchen, why not consider hot pink in the kitchen? This bright and colorful shade of pink can really brighten up a space, adding color and style to a kitchen in a home, apartment, office, or college dorm. This lively berry tone can be used strictly for creating a fun and eclectic look, for example, for female roommates in a college dorm. Or, it can be used to create a sophisticated, warm and inviting space in an area where families love to gather. The way you choose to decorate the hot pink kitchen and the accessories chosen can make all the difference in the appearance of the finished room.

To achieve a fun, youthful feel, choose really bold shades of pink. For a less bold look, while still using the same basic hot pink color, choose shades of fuchsia or berry. Some great ideas include painting an accent wall in pink while leaving cabinets and the other walls white or off-white. Or, you might choose to paint all of the cabinet door fronts the fuchsia shade, leaving the walls white or off-white. For another creative painting idea, consider painting the ceiling of the kitchen pink. Just remember to keep some white or off-white showing as opposed to having everything pink. A large, bold pink area rug, or a few smaller pink rugs could be used on the kitchen floor to add color and keep with the theme of the kitchen.

Set of 6 Reversible Placemats Hot Pink

How Pink to Go?

When it comes to adding hot pink to your kitchen you need to decide how far you want to take it. Do you want it to predominate or to provide surprising pops of color? Both work surprisingly well in a kitchen though I'm not sure my husband completely agrees. That said, hot pink is a real funky color that pleases more people than its paler more feminine pastel pinks.

Personally I like to use appliances and accents to surprise people. Here I've searched out suitable appliances that are functional and also attractive to look at. I've picked out well known brands that get good reviews. You can check those out by clicking on the links.

Add to that some nice table linens, towels and accessories and you have a completely new look in your kitchen.

DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle

DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle

This stylish design is just want you want in a modern kitchen. Dare to be different. This kettle is a gorgeous shade of pink and the finish makes sure it will last for years. It even has a lime-scale filter.

Check out all the features online.

Fuchsia Coffee Maker

Fuchsia Coffee Maker

Do you like gadgets? Do you love coffee? Then you are going to love this hot pink coffeemaker. It looks a bit retro but has all the modern technology you could want. It includes a water filter function that makes sure you get the very best tasting coffee. Check out the listings for complete tech specs.

DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster, Magenta

DeLonghi Kmix 2-Slice Toaster, Magenta

This is an easy to use and good-looking toaster that will sit well on your counter top. It is made of durable alumionum. Great for toasting bread, buns or crumpets.

Raspberry Ice is Another Name for Hot Pink

After decisions have been made regarding where to use the pink color on walls, cabinetry, and floors, it is time to focus on bringing the hot pink color into other areas of the kitchen. Some fun ideas might include hanging some framed wall art in shades of pink, as well as incorporating some small appliances in the pink shade to add a dramatic splash of color to your countertops. The popular brand Kitchen Aid offers a bright Raspberry Ice colored standing mixer that fits the bill perfectly.

KitchenAid KSM155GBRI 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl - Raspberry Ice

5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl

How do you like this for hot pink? It has al l the functions you need in a mixer and looks fab too - check the listing for details.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar

This matching blender has 5 speeds that allow you to stir and chop, mix and puree to your heart's desire. Leave it out on the counter-top to provide that essential pop of color.

Cuisinart HM-50WM Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer, Watermelon Sorbet

Cuisinart HM-50BK Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

If you don't so a huge amount of baking, this hand held blender might be all you need. It even has it's own recipe book.

Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-PK 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Pink

Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-PK 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Pink

Cuisinart CSB-76PMSLT SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Metallic Pink

Cuisinart CSB-76PMSLT SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

I confess I am fond of stick blenders, they take all the chore out of cleaning and storing a bit blender.

Cuisinart FP-12MP Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor, Metallic Pink

Cuisinart FP-12MP Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor, Metallic Pink

Adding Hot Pink Accents

Other cute but functional items that can be displayed in the kitchen include fuchsia colored oven mitts, that can be hung from a knob on a cabinet door to add color and for easy access when needed. Consider hanging a bold, berry colored utensil rack on one of the white walls to display your cooking tools and make them easy to find at the same time. A cute apron with a darker pink or with hot pink accents would look great hanging from a hook in the kitchen.

For fun accents, try some fuchsia place mats. If none are readily available, cut your own from a roll of foam shelf liner in the proper color. Adding some dish towels here and there also give the kitchen a welcoming feeling. Place a bright pink dishtowel through the handle of the refrigerator, and wherever else one might add a little dash of color. For kitchens that have windows or a door with a window, consider hanging a light, airy curtain in a matching shade of pink. White stripes or white polka dots in the pattern create a fun look. If dining table chairs lack chair pads, this is another area in which you might use the pink color. If you cannot find pink chair pads to fit, consider buying ready made ones to fit your chairs and covering them yourself with an inexpensive fabric in your chosen color.

 Kitchen Towels Slotted Turner Mixing Spoon Silicone Mitts

Pink candles and candle holders may be used to decorate a kitchen table. A sturdy vase with pink flowers also makes a nice, decorative accent. If you have any other furniture pieces in the kitchen, especially ones that stand along a white wall, you could possibly paint them a berry color to coordinate along with the rest of your kitchen.

 Round Plastic Cover Paper Placemats Tablecloth Roll Table Skirt Linen Tablecloth

Don't Forget the Backsplash!

Hot Pink BacksplashAnother location within the kitchen that may go unnoticed when considering painting is the backsplash area underneath the cabinets and above the sink. This is a perfect accent area to apply color to, by either painting or applying ceramic tiles which are perfect for an area that gets splashed with water daily.

Using a bold pink color in a kitchen can really make a statement. When used properly, this color can bring warmth and whimsy to tiny college dorm kitchens, friendliness to a shared office kitchen, and can provide a colorful place to gather, eat, and socialize in the smallest of apartments or the grandest house on the block. Consider using hot pink in your next kitchen decorating project.

Customize These Products

 Round Wall Clock KITCHEN TOWEL Tile Kitchen towel Tablecloth Kitchen Towels Kitchen Towels Kitchen Towel Kitchen Towel Cutting Boards

Hot Pink In The Kitchen

Image credit: Roxycraft CC 2.0

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How To Make Wall Stencils: Tips to Get the Best Results

Garden Mural Wall Stencil KitWall stencils provide an interesting look to any part of your home. You can use stencil art as accents or borders on your kitchen or any room. In fact, stencils are the ideal alternative to wallpapers. You have the option to apply the kind of design or color combination that you prefer. However, you need to make sure that you follow the proper application procedure to make sure that the stencils for walls will look perfect.

Featured: Splendid Garden Mural Wall Stencil Kit

How To Create Wall Stencils: Step By Step Procedure

If you wish to give your room a unique look, you should consider using stencil art. The following steps can help you have the ease in using spray paint stencils.

  1. Prepare the materials that you will need for this project. The essential tools for stenciling include a chalk, stencil adhesive, ruler, stencil brushes, level, kitchen towels, and a palette.
  2. Clean the area where you intend to apply stencil art. Make sure that there is no flaking or loose pain on the surface. If you think that the area needs a fresh coat of paint, allow the surface to dry well. When defining a border or area, mark the area by using a chalk. You can also use a ruler and a level to ensure a straight mark on the wall.
  3. Secure the back portion of the stencil by using stencil adhesives. Press the adhesive firmly against the portion that you marked. Start spraying at the least noticeable section in the room.
  4. Then, pour some stencil paint onto the palette. Dip the sponge lightly into the paint. You can wipe off the excess paint with a kitchen towel. You should try to dot the paint gently, layer by layer, until you have achieved the desired color. If you plan to use multiple colors, wait for the first coating to dry before applying the second color. Make sure that you start painting with the lightest shade. Wash the stencil with warm, soapy water as you change the paint color and when the project is complete.

Airbrush Stencils: Essential Steps and Tips

Airbrushing is one of the methods you can use in applying stencils to walls. This technique produces amazing effects. You can blend the colors and create a fine texture by forcing paint out of a nozzle because of compressed air. Check out these steps on how you can use this medium in applying stencil on your wall.

  1. This project requires you to a few materials such as the airbrush gun, compressor, airbrush paint for walls, hose, paper, stencils, mask, and safety goggles.
  2. Place the stencil on the wall by using tape. Cover the edges of the stencil to prevent mess or over sprayed portions. For sharper edges, you will have to press down the ends of the stencil.
  3. Hold the airbrush gun the way you hold a pen. Then, turn the compressor on and make it a point to depress the trigger when airbrushing.
  4. Push the trigger down to release air, and push it back to release the paint. You may pull back the trigger for more supply of paint, or pull it forward to reduce the amount of paint.
  5. You can try practicing the application of paint on a piece of paper, and consider applying different distances, colors and pressures. This way, you can come up with the preferred effect. When you spray at a far distance, the paint will appear less defined , and it can cover a great surface area. Try to test each paint color on paper, so you can be certain that the color is right. Moreover, this can help you determine if the airbrush gun is functioning properly. Allow the paint to dry on your practice area, so you can find out if you have obtained the kind of color or shade that you want.
  6. Start spraying on the outer portion of the stencil and try to work your way into more shading and detail when necessary. Build up the color until you have achieved the perfect, even tone. When shading, move the color across the stencil, and apply slowly from the exterior portion. You may apply additional coats for dark shades, depending on your ideal color quality.

Tips and Advice On How To Prevent Obstacles in Stenciling

Stencil art requires the right application of paint. Make sure that you avoid applying too much paint on the brush to prevent it from bleeding under the stencil. Excess paint will also make your work appear unsightly and messy.

Practice on white paper before you proceed to painting on the wall, particularly if you have no experience in using an airbrushing tool. Then, use safety devices such as goggles and mask to protect yourself from toxic fumes or fine mist produced when using the airbrush gun. You should also cover surrounding areas with cloth, so these would not be painted accidentally.

Typically, it will take you a few hours to stencil an entire wall depending on the size of the room. Before you start applying stencils, you need to prepare the wall by making it free from loose paint or uneven surface. With the right preparation and application of paint, you can obtain excellent results from this project.

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How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

Hubbardton Ceiling FanCeiling fans should be correctly fastened to an electric ceiling box that is designed to sustain a heavy ceiling fixture. It must not only hold the wiring, but the total weight of the fan must be supported. If the ceiling fixture you had previously was of light weight, the box will probably have to be replaced with one manufactured for ceiling fans.

Determine Your Usage

If you prefer a ceiling fan to circulate heat during the cold months, known as reclaiming heat, and keep you cool during the summer months, a ceiling fan with reverse remote control is best. During summer months the fan blade should rotate in a counter-clockwise motion. For winter month the blades should turn in a clockwise motion.

Featured: Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan, Dark Smoke Finish, 5 Slate Blades, Opal Glass

Will Fans go Outside or Inside?

If your fan will be on your patio, porch, or in a screened area, outdoor fans will be the most accommodating. Outside ceiling fans are UL classified for damp and wet areas. Wet ceiling fans can stand-up to direct weather changes and damp-rated ceiling fans can be inside covered outside areas like patios.

Where to Place Your Ceiling Fan

When purchasing your ceiling fan, be aware of which room and the size of the room your fan will be installed. Air movement is the mix of a number of factors. A large room or living room ceiling fan should be large, and bedroom fans should have a quiet motor with a minimum four star rating for great uninterrupted sleep.

Recommended Installation Heights

  • To decide the correct height for your ceiling fan, measure the length from the precise point in the ceiling where it is in conjunction with the floor right below.
  • Ceilings under eight feet, should utilize a flush-mount ceiling fan. Codes require that ceiling fan blades are not lower than seven feet from the floor which makes flush-mount ceiling fans your best bet.
  • For ceilings below eight feet consider hugger ceiling fans minus any lights, since they are inclined to be the lowest profile-fans.
  • Ceiling fans should hang eight to nine feet from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be at least seven feet away from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be a minimum of 8.5 inches from the ceiling.
  • If you have very high ceilings, lowering the ceiling fan would be practical. This will improve cool-air circulation or heat reclamation.

Ceiling Fans and Your Home Decor

There are a number of basic rules applied when selecting a ceiling fan finish for your home. Ceiling fan etiquette states that fan motor finishes are normally selected to match additional metallic hardware in a room such as door knobs and table lamps. Fan blade finishes are normally made from wood and should match door, flooring, and furniture. The style of your room has plenty to do with your choice of ceiling fan as well.

These three styles of ceiling fans are the most popular:

  • Contemporary-for sleek architectural styled rooms.
  • Traditional-for more formal type rooms.
  • Exotic-for bright, sunny rooms with rattan and palm-leaf materials.

Tools you will need:

  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Side-cutting pliers
  • Crescent wrench
  • Voltage tester or multi-tester
  • Drill with long bit
  • Long nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Lineman's pliers
  • Metal-cutting keyhole saw


Examine the joists for wiring or plumbing pipes that may be a hindrance prior to installing your fan.  Be sure the electrical box that keeps the fan in place is classified.  Check all parts and instructions prior to beginning your installation.

The installation process itself is quite simple; the steps go as follows:

  1. Slip In the brace
  2.  Tighten the brace
  3. Attach the box
  4. Install the mounting plate
  5. Put together the down-rod and canopy
  6. Wire the fan
  7. Fasten the canopy to the mounting plate
  8. Attach the blades

Recommended Ceiling Fan Brands:

Ratings are 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Hunter Fan Company 23856 52in. Classic Original Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is an American legend and the strongest Hunter ceiling fan on the market.
Rating: 4

Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan

The Hubbardton collection is expensive but produced with superb quality materials. This design is created to work with the existing Hubbardton Forge lighting collection.
Rating: 5

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Recycled Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Recycled Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

One of the most exciting trends in the last few years has been the surge of designers using recycled and reclaimed products in their work. Using recycled products is a great way to help keep the landfills from overflowing, save money and still get great products for your home. One the most fascinating niches in the recycling industry is the reclaiming of wood from demolition done in major cities with old factories, warehouses, public buildings and schools that were built when solid wood was cheap and used for just about everything--furniture, framing buildings, flooring and more.

Reclaimed wood is gathered by construction companies who work with city demolition companies hand in hand. The demolition has to be done more carefully to get the wood in good condition. This type of work is called deconstruction because much of the building is picked apart piece by piece. However, the resulting reclamation can turn up lots of solid wood for building projects.

Coffee tables are a great way to use the reclaimed wood. You can see the unique grain and color of the wood, and depending on the designer, get a traditional style table or something one-of-a-kind. Many of these projects are made-to-order, so that the customer can get a piece that fits their space precisely.

Here are a collection of beautiful reclaimed-wood coffee tables (and a couple dining tables) that have been made by independent craftsmen around the United States.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Table by Tiny Lions Designs

This coffee table is built in a Mid-Century Modern design and stained for color. Tiny Lions Designs makes it to order in the size and color you want. Based in New Orleans, this designer adds bright colors to many of the designs. All are done in a Mid-Century style.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Rustic Ridge Table Company

The table pictured above is a sample of the custom coffee tables built to order by designer Rustic Ridge Table Company in Nashville, TN. Each table ordered will look somewhat like this image, but unique since they are built by hand one at a time. The wood comes from old pallets and old fencing to make this design. Legs are made from iron pipes.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Wrafterbuilt

Made in Buffalo, NY, this table was designed from wood deconstructed from a house in the area. All of the work from Wrafterbuilt is made from reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Unique Industry

This reclaimed wood table is so very cool. Made from the wood from an old printer drawer, it is decorative and functional. The drawer can be used to display collectibles. Made by Unique Industry in Boston. This designer creates pieces with wood inlay that are really incredible. Take a look at this Navaho Design Coffee Table. Amazing!

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableRecycled Wood Dining Table by Sand E Collectibles

This is a dining table. Told you I snuck one in here. This wood table made from recycled materials that are environmentally friendly. The table is custom made with the unique nature of reclaimed wood. It has a rustic look and can be flat packed and shipped to you once complete. They also made tables and other furniture designed to your specifications.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableRustic Coffee Table by Doorman Designs

This lovely rustic coffee table is made from New Orleans wood that comes from buildings damaged in Hurricane Katrina. Many homes were destroyed during that hurricane but the wood from them is being used in all of Doorman Designs reclaimed wood products. This particular wood is called Barge Board which you can read all about when you click through to see more pictures of this design.

Recycled Wood Coffee Table with ShelfReclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf by Plateau Metal

I love the mixture of metal and wood in this table. It has the rustic feel from the wood with a more industrial style because of the metal shelf. It can be used in so many different types of decor because of the dichotomy of styles. This table is made from cedar in Sammamish, WA.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Coffee Table by Perfect 45 Degree

This table looks like it is made from a cross-section of wood from the center of a tree. The colors are magnificent. Designed and built in Portland, Oregon, the Douglas Fir wood gives the table a lovely color and grain. Legs come off for easy shipping and transporting.

Reclaimed Wood Dining TableReclaimed Wood Dining Table by Perfect 45 Degree

Another table by Perfect 45 Degree, this is the second dining table on this page. You can see why I had to include it though. Such a unique design. Also made from Douglas Fir, this table has a completely different style from the one above. The designer incorporates Cherry and other hardwoods into the design for accents. You can click on the link above to see all of the designs from Perfect 45 Degree.

As you can see, there are many variations on tables that are built from reclaimed wood. Some of the variations are from the wood itself and how it has fared before reaching the designer. If you are looking to add furniture pieces with character to your home, this is a great place to start.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

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