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Dragonfly Wall Art

Dragonfly Wall Art


Decorate with Beautiful Dragonfly Wall Art

For anyone who loves the delicacy of dragonflies, these gorgeous dragonfly wall art pieces would make a wonderful addition to your home decor. I’ve picked out a selection of my favorites to share with you. Any one piece would make a great decor accent in any room or pick out a group to create the look you want. These can be used in any room of the house.

These also make great gifts for any occasion. If you are looking for a special gift for a special person you will find something here to suit every taste and every budget. Scroll through to enjoy this online shopping experience.

Umbra Wallflutter Wall DécorDragonfly Wall Decor, Pack of 2Dragonfly – Modern Flower ArtworkHome Decor Wall PlaqueDragonfly posterVinyl Wall Sticker Black ButterfliesBlue Dragonfly Removable GraphicChinese Calligraphy With Setting SunDIY Vinyl Lotus Wall StickerVery Cool Stuff Dragonfly Wall Art

Metal Wall Decor Dragonfly Sculptures

Regal Art & Gift Dragonfly Wall Decor, BluePlastec WD207DB Dragonfly Wall PlaquesButterfly and Dragonfly Wall Decor 2 Piece Set – Park DesignsGarden Dragonflies, Haitian Metal Art, Recycled Oil Drums, (set of 2) 9Dragonfly Set of 3 Small Decorative Metal Wall Art AccentsRegal Art and Gift Dragonfly Wall Decor, 8-InchDragonflies Steel Wall SculptureRegal Art and Gift Dragonfly Wall Decor, 29-Inch, BlueGardman 8416 Dragonfly Wall Art, 26.5Design Toscano Dragonfly Art Deco Wall Mirror in Antiqued MetallicRegal Art and Gift Butterfly Wall Decor, 9-InchMetal Wall Decor Butterfly Sculpture 29×15Peacock Jewel Wall Art, DragonflyDragonfly Metal Wall Art Decor

Dragonfly facts

  • Dragonflies are insect who belong to the order Odonata. Experts divide them into three sub-species: the largest true dragonflies called Anisoptera, the smaller damselfly called Zygoptera and Anisozygoptera which seems to be a combination of the first two.
  • They are easily recognisable as having large eyes, small antennae, slim segmented bodies, and 4 thin membranous wing in sets of 2. In dragonflies the rear pair of wings become broader at the base. Damselfly wings are all the same size.
  • Dragonfly eyes are set together close to the top of the head and they can see all around them. Damselflies eyes are situated slightly more to each side of the head.
  • They can vary in size from around 1 inch to 6 inches in some species.
  • So far something like 5680 different species of dragonfly have been recorded world-wide.
  • Dragonfly eyes are multifaceted. This means they can see in every direction – so they sense even tiny movements – all the better for hunting prey.
  • They eat mosquitos and other pests which makes them a great addition to your garden. Some people such as the Burmese, regularly release dragonfly nymphs into local water to keep down the population of mosquitoes.
  • The twin sets of wings gives the dragonflies the ability to fly in all sort of ways. They can hoover, fly fast or slow, even loop the loop. Their flying ability is one of the reasons they are so much fun to watch.

Dragonfly Prints and Wall Art

 Dragonflies Canvas Print Dragonfly Mandala Pattern Abstract Aztec Tribal Wood Wall Art Pretty Abstract Floral with Blue Dragonfly Wood Wall Art Fairy Teacup Dragonfly Wall Art Baby Nursery Decor Panel Wall Art Lotus and Dragonfly Wood Wall Art Colorful Dragonflies Wall Panel Wood Wall Art

Dragonfly Wall Art