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Create a Dragonfly Kitchen

Create a Dragonfly Kitchen

How to create a dragonfly themed kitchen

If you are inspired by dragonflies, think about creating your kitchen decor around that theme. This page brings you suggestions on how to create a dragonfly kitchen using decor and appliances.

Subtle touches work very well. Think about matching some colors and using several well placed dragonfly accents to achieve the best results. Once you have the basics fixed there is no shortage of kitchen and dining accessories available to buy online. I've picked out some of my favorites from dinnerware to curtains to kitchen tiles.

Cast Iron Dragonfly Tea Set

Kitchen decoration

pick your color scheme

Planning a dragonfly inspired kitchen should start with a color scheme. Use these tiles to decide on the overall look. As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from. Notice how well dragonfly colors stand out from a plain background. Take one of the paler, more pastel shades to paint the walls and use a few of these tiles scattered randomly among plain-colored, cream or white tiles on a splash-back for your sink. These stand out better as accents when used sparingly.

Dragonfly by Paul BrentWater Lilies & Dragonflies


Dragonfly Tiffany Style Hanging Lamps

You can really brighten up your kitchen eating area with a stained glass Tiffany-style hanging lamp. There are lots of choices which will complement almost any decor.

Tiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly LampTiffany Style Dragonfly Lamp

Matching kitchen accessories

match your colors to dragonfly colors

Pick out one of the prominent colors of your tiles to match your kitchen accessories, kettle, toaster, coffee maker and so on. More than one color will defeat it's purpose and instead of looking stylish will look mismatched. I've picked out a few to let you see what I mean and all of these are available in different colors. Click any link to see details.

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster-Pastel GreenSmeg 1.7-Liter Kettle-Pastel Blue12-Speed Blender Plastic Jar, PurplePink 5 Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer

Introduce Dragonfly Accents with Wall Kitchen Clocks

These are just a few of the clocks available in dragonfly motifs. As you scroll down the page, you will find other matching items that you can buy together.

Blue Dragonfly Square WallclockDRAGONFLIES AND LOTUSBlue Lotus and DragonfliesDragonfly Art in Pink Wallclocks

Dragonfly-Themed Wall Art

Pick out one or two pieces of wall art to bring your theme together - if you are using wall decals, make sure they will withstand any steam that may be generated in your kitchen.

Dragonfly Wall Decor, Pack of 2Wallflutter Wall Décor, Set of 20Wieco Art - DragonflyDragonfly Kisses

Dragonfly Tableware

There are a wide range of dinnerware that you can buy in the same design as shown here. Below you can also find several beautiful table runners to advance the theme. Almost all of the items on Zazzle come with matching dishes, napkins, table runners and more.

Blue Dragonfly 9 Inch Paper PlateBlue Dragonfly Porcelain PlatesBlue Dragonfly Cloth NapkinBlue Dragonfly Cocktail NapkinButterflies and Dragonflies Short Table RunnerWhimsical Dragonflies Medium Table Runnermodern vintage butterflies and dragonflies short table runnerCoral Damask Dragonfly Wedding Long Table RunnerStunning Purple Tulips Short Table RunnerDragonflies Short Table Runner

Dragonfly Kitchen Towels

I love having a variety of kitchen towels for different times of year. These are just a few of the cool dragonfly designs for kitchen towels.

Dragonfly Garden Kitchen TowelsWhimsical Dragonflies TowelFrench botanical birds and flowers kitchen towelsButterflies and dragonflies hand towelsWatercolor Dragonfly Pattern TowelsPossibilities dragonfly kitchen towels

Japanese Dragonfly Dinnerware

In Japan dragonflies are symbols of good fortune and prosperity so it is no accident that the motif appears on so much Japanese dinnerware. Whether you use each of these or use them for decoration, this style looks great in a kitchen setting..

Japanese Dragonfly Tea Pot and Tea Cups Set in BlueJapanese Cast Iron Tea Cups - DragonflyT8140 Cast Iron Dragonfly Tea Set with Trivet, 27 Ounce, RedIwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Dragonfly, Silver and BlackRyu Mei Dragonfly Black Chopstick 22.5cm 090719 [w/Box]Dragonfly Porcelain Sushi Plate Sauce Dish Set #BH79-NDragonfly Porcelain Rice Bowl Set #BH82/NJapanese 6 Pc Rice Bowls & Spoons Set w/ChopsticksDragonfly Plate, Sauce Dish, and Chopstick Set- 6pcsT8120 Cast Iron Mocha Tea Set with Trivet, 27 Ounce, Green

Dragonfly coasters - gift ideas for dragonfly fans

For a small gift any time of year, coasters in a favorite theme are cheap and thoughtful. Here are just a few of them to get a feel for what is available.

Pretty Abstract Floral with Blue Dragonfly Stone CoasterPretty Abstract Floral with Blue Dragonfly Drink CoasterPretty Abstract Floral with Blue Dragonfly Square Paper CoasterPretty Abstract Floral with Blue Dragonfly Glass CoasterDRAGONFLY FANTASY.jpg Beverage CoasterDRAGONFLIES AND LOTUS.jpg Beverage CoasterDragonflies CoastersDragonfly Cork Back Coasters (set of 6)Black Vintage Dragonfly Nature Art CoastersSteampunk, wonderful steam dragonflies round paper coasterDragonfly Garden CoastersDragonfly Garden Drink Coasters

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Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own CribIf you happen to be expecting a baby or grandchild and are pretty handy with do it yourself projects, consider the idea of building your own crib. A DIY crib can be made to look just like one purchased at a baby specialty store, or the design could come solely from your own imagination. The main thing to take into consideration before beginning this type of project is safety, as you want to make this piece of furniture as safe as possible. By researching some of the common flaws found in manufactured baby cribs, you can avoid these pitfalls that have caused so many baby furniture makers to have to recall cribs and other items due to safety hazards.

You may be asking, why build your own crib? There are several reasons why someone might choose to do so. First and foremost, if you do it yourself, you can guarantee that only the top quality materials are used. This guarantees not only a sturdy product, but a long lasting finished product that will stand the test of time and serve to hold many sleeping babies through the years. You can also guarantee, provided you are skilled enough to tackle this project, that the craftsmanship is superior to that of a manufactured, store bought crib. Another reason is that the cribs sold in boxes at popular retail chains always seem to have directions that are vague and extremely hard to follow. There usually seems to be some missing piece of hardware too, which is always disturbing, especially when building a baby crib. Perhaps the very best reason to build your own crib is because it is an act of love. The time and effort that goes into this DIY project comes from the love in your heart, and the recipient of the crib will be touched that someone went to the effect of making this piece of furniture that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Having an heirloom crib in the family is truly special and really symbolizes the love of a family through the generations. Imagine having your newborn baby sleeping in a crib that was handcrafted by their great grandfather for their grandmother, and so on. Imagine over the years how many members and generations of the family have slept, or will sleep in this particular crib. Imagine the special memories and stories the family have gathered through the years about the crib, along with treasured family photos of the many babies enjoying their nap time in it. As you can see, the sentimental value alone makes the project completely worthwhile. Your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you plan on designing your own DIY crib pattern, make sure that the slats are spaced safely apart to avoid little heads or feet getting caught in them. Also, make sure to use safe products that can be used around an infant that may be teething on the crib when they get a bit older, such as plastic teething guards. If you're not quite ready to design the plans for the crib, there are patterns and plans that can be found online. This video is also a great introduction.

For a great set of building plans for the do it yourself crib project, the Mission Crib Woodworking Plan, Build Your Own Crib plan is available on This plan is designed by Bob Belke for the American Furniture Design Company, and is a standard Mission style crib that features two sliding sides as well as an adjustable mattress frame. A complete hardware kit for the project, as well as a mattress support, are available for purchase separately from the woodworking plans and instruction manual being offered. This crib project will require a trip to your local lumber supply store or local home improvement center. The finished product will look very much like a crib purchased from one of those expensive baby stores,
and will have a million times more meaning to the recipient.

To make this particular crib, or one like it, you should have the necessary tools on hand before beginning the project. These include a router, table saw or miter saw, clamps, and common hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, etc. You also need a tape measure, drill, square, sander, and kreg jig. If you are not purchasing a hardware kit in addition to your woodworking plans, you will also need various sizes of pocket hole screws, screws, small nails, brads, threaded inserts, bolts, mending straps, countersink bit for a drill, sandpaper, wood filler, wood glue, and finishing supplies. You will also need your various pieces of lumber, as well as the plastic teething guards, mattress frame, and mattress. Be sure to have your crib plans in hand and refer to the exact list of hardware and tools that you will for your particular design of crib before going out to shop for these items.

When you decide to build your own crib, you are doing more than just an ordinary do it yourself project. You are creating a beautiful piece of furniture that will also become a lasting piece of family history. After you have used the crib for each of your own children, imagine giving it to each adult child to pass around as their own children are born, with the youngest grandchild always being the one with the crib in their home. As more children are born, it gets passed back and forth so all can use it. If that becomes too complicated, simply keep the heirloom crib at grandma and grandpa's house, there for each grandchild to use when they visit or spend the night. After you have mastered the art of crib making for your own children, you may even wish to make one for each adult in the future, so they each have their own crib made by their parent or grandparent. Each crib will be cherished and become a most prized possession that brings back happy memories for the entire family.

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Darling Easter Decor for Your Home

Darling Easter Decor for Your Home

One of the most fun things about Easter is that so many of the decorations and home accessories are just so darn cute! After all, many of the motifs include cute baby animals that are soft and cuddly such as bunnies, lambs and chicks. And the colors are very soft and pleasant, pastels in shades of pink, yellow, blue and green.

If you love collecting Easter decor, or have some young children to entertain, you will definitely find some darling Easter decor on this page. But I have also included some quirky, fun decor for those of you who just want to entertain yourselves. One of my personal favorites is the set of egg salt and pepper shakers with chicken legs. Browse through and have a great time! Happy Easter!

Here is where you can get these items!

Easter Grass and Echeveria Terrarium • $159
Easter Chick Apron • Sur La Table • $30
Airplane Fabric Easter Bucket • $10.99
Unicorn Easter Basket Liners • $8.99–9.99
Puppy Easter Basket Liners • $13.99
Easter Egg Chalk Decorating Kit • Williams-Sonoma • $3.99
Springtime Easter Brunch Party Invitations • Minted • $50
Easter Eggs Tea Towels (Set of 3) • $29
Tassel Easter Basket Liners • $10.99–13.99
Jim Shore Easter Chick Mini-Figurine • $15.99
Jim Shore Easter Bunny Figurine • $56.99
Live Garden Easter Wreath • $99
Food NetworkTM Easter Silicone Spatula • $5.99
Celebrate americana together Celebrate Easter Together 4-pc. Bunny Ear Napkin Ring Set • $10
Mariposa Pillow • Pier 1 Imports • $17
Watermelon Bowl • Pier 1 Imports • $8.95
Faux Spring Tulip Wreath • Pier 1 Imports • $29.98
Easter Bunny Party Crackers • Pier 1 Imports • $4.98
Sur La Table Easter Banner • Sur La Table • $5.99
Sur La Table Easter Eggs Pot Holders, Set of 2 • Sur La Table • $2.49
Vintage Intaglio Antique Prints and Maps Easter Orchid, Cattleya Mossiae, 1869 • $159
Happy Easter Embroidered Velvet Pillow • Phi • $15
"Wilton 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set" • Wilton • $14.99
Sugarfina Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs • $4.90
MacKenzie-Childs Rosie Rabbit Figure • Mackenzie Childs • $38
MacKenzie-Childs Rabbit Topiary • Mackenzie Childs • $195
MacKenzie-Childs Egg Hunt Placemat • Mackenzie Childs • $38
MacKenzie-Childs Rosie Rabbit Figure • Mackenzie Childs • $38
Easter Bunny Napkin Holder • $4.97
Easter Egg Candles, Set of 6 • Sur La Table • $10
Hand Painted Blue Multi Stripe Easter Egg • $0.97
DESIGN IMPORTS Design Imports Easter Zigzag Stripe Tablecloth • $39.99–64.99

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Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

The winter time and holiday season is a great time to burn candles to add atmosphere, romance and warmth. And candles are a wonderful gift for stocking stuffers because they are usually small. Candles come scented and unscented, in many colors, shapes and sizes. You can put them in numerous decorative candle holders, lanterns or dishes to give your decor enhanced light and color.

Candles come in so many varieties that sometimes it can be overwhelming for you to choose a candle or two for your friends, family or significant other. If this is where you stand right now, here is a gift guide for you to gain inspiration. This list of candles and candle holders runs the gamut in price, longevity and style. Hover over the images to see the brand name, and look at the list below for more information on each one as you browse through this gift guide for candle lovers.

This list below corresponds with the pictures of each item above. Start at the top left and go left to right as you look at the list below. Each listing has the brand, name of item and price. Click through to see the full listing and different sizes, colors or other options available.

Asstd National Brand 3-pc. Hanging Mason Jars With Tealights • $11.99
Jonathan Adler Muse d'Or Candle • Jonathan Adler • $88
Gift Boutique Thompson Ferrier Buddha Candle • $68
OUTDOOR OASIS Outdoor OasisTM Iron Umbrella Ring Tealight Candle Holder • $19.99
Acqua di Parma Lavender Fruit and Flower Candle • Acqua di Parma • $112
Gaia & Gino Double Herkimer Candleholder • Gaia & Gino • $475
Michael Aram Gold Orchid Candle • Michael Aram • $60
AMAZING FLAMELESS CANDLE 'Dot Monogram' Flameless Candle • $13.20
Gift Boutique Thompson Ferrier Buddha Candle • $68
John-Richard Collection Glass Candleholder • John-Richard Collection • $650
Five Mercury-Glass Candleholders • $290
Kathryn McCoy Design Small Clear Quartz Votive Holder • $308
Anthropologie Painted Quadrant Candelabra • Anthropologie • $598
Jonathan Adler Blanc Candle • Jonathan Adler • $78
Diptyque Baies Scented Candle, 190g • Diptyque • $62
Fornasetti Scented Candle • Fornasetti • $175
Archipelago Botanicals 'Excursion' Glass Jar Candle • Archipelago Botanicals • $19
kate spade new york Light Up the Room Candle • Kate Spade • $34
MacKenzie-Childs Frog Candle Plate • Mackenzie Childs • $60
Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle Volcano One Size Candles • Anthropologie • $28
Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

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Unique Steel and Wood Maps for Home Decor

Unique Steel and Wood Maps for Home Decor

Decorative Steel Wall Map

If you are looking for something interesting and a bit out of the ordinary to add to your home's wall decor, consider using unique steel and wood maps. The wood brings somewhat of a natural and outdoor element into the home, while the steel provides a more contemporary look. Choose whichever fits in with your decorating style or take a chance on trying something new.

Custom Wood Map

Choose a wood map in any of the states within the United States to add to your wall decor. These maps are cut in the shape of the specified state from a rustic looking piece of wood. A heart can be added to a particular location within the chosen state. Choice of heart in a whole or distressed look, or you can order with no heart. (Be sure to select desired heart option when ordering.) Each map is created from local milled pine wood from Maine. The artist does a hand painted , water based stain over a dark stained wood and hand distresses the item. It is finished with a hand rubbed finishing paste for preservation. Each state map has the approximate dimensions of 10 inches by 10 inches and is around 1.5 inches deep. Includes hanging hardware. Would look great in a den or family room or perhaps above a fireplace mantel.

10x10 Distressed Wood Pennsylvania Map10x10 Distressed Wood Pennsylvania Map

Woodcut Maps

This map can be made to represent Chicago, IL or nine other locations including San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Boston/Cambridge, MA, Paris, France, Hawaii, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, CA. Product can be customized by choosing from twelve wood colors to represent landscapes, twelve wood options to represent parks, twelve wood options to represent roads, twelve to represent parks, and twelve to represent water. Frames choices include light, medium, auburn, and dark, or no frame. Looks great on any wall decor and adds a unique focal point to any room. Makes a great addition to any room where the family gathers.

Chicago, IL by Woodcut MapsChicago, IL by Woodcut Maps

Natural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USA

This is a custom made, laser cup map of the USA made from one quarter inch birch plywood. Map measures approximately 24 inches by 15 inches. Securely holds 94 of your favorite beer caps. Comes pre-drilled and ready to hang. This would make a terrific addition to your home wall decor, especially when displayed in a bar area. Makes for a lively conversation piece while enjoying a brew with your buddies. Available in either natural or dark walnut stained finish.

Natural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USANatural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USA

5" X 7" Stainless Steel Cut Maps

Each map is cut from a single piece of 5 inch by 7 inch stainless steel and comes ready to display is a classic black frame. There are 66 locations to choose from, including Atlanta, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Edmonton, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and more. These maps have a unique look that fits in well with almost any home decor. Display the location of your choice, perhaps the state you live in, the place you honeymoon, or a place you plan to someday visit while on vacation. Would look great in a home library or study, den, or family room.

55" X 7" Stainless Steel Cut Washington D.C. Map

Custom Wooden Wedding Guestbook

This is a very unique wood map that wedding guests sign with a felt pen instead of using a traditional paper guest book. Choose from any state in the United States. The state will measure approximately 24 inches and is around one half inch in depth. Depending upon your chosen state, either metal "O" rings or sawtooth hangers will come with the product for easy hanging. A wooden heart is placed over the area of your choice (most likely the place you will marry or reside)with the hear customized with the couple's initials and wedding date.This is a handmade item consisting of wood, paint, and the artistry of Grace Graffiti. Choose the custom text for the first and second initials to be included on the heart, and choose the custom date. Choose heart color from 43 color options, and select text color from among 47 choices. Select your state and pick from 43 color options for the wood, then choose the location for the heart to be placed. This will make a fabulous wedding keepsake that you will proudly display in your home and treasure for years to come. Use as wall decor in a prominent place in the home for all to see, in a living room or above a fireplace mantel. Makes a great focal point and conversation piece.

Custom Washington State Wooden Wedding GuestbookCustom Washington State Wooden Wedding Guestbook

Steel & Wood Maps for Decor

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Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring is a time of renewal, of leaving the gray days of winter behind and looking forward to brighter, sunny days with colorful trees and flowers in bloom all around. Spring brings to mind thoughts of butterflies, flowers, birds, and bright colors. To bring a little bit of spring into your home, try using a colorful centerpiece to liven up your table. Here are some cute ideas for spring centerpieces offered from Amazon, as well as a few really great do it yourself centerpiece ideas and tutorials for creating your own table decor to brighten your home.

Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

As far as spring centerpieces go, you can never go wrong with butterflies. This cute butterfly centerpiece would look good at a party table or on the dining room or coffee table. Colorful hues of purple, pink, orange, and yellow remind us that winter is over and spring has arrived. This is an easy to assemble piece with tiers of foil ribbons, die-cut flowers, and a cube base. When assembled, piece measures 10 inches by 10 inches tall, with base measuring 3.75 inches.

 Creative Converting Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Sure to brighten up your table, this daisy candle holder captures the bright colors of spring and also adds ambience. Garden style candle wreath comes in shades of orange, yellow and green daisies tucked in throughout. The candle wreath is 15"D and fits a 6" candle (not included). The candle wreath is the size of a small wall wreath and can be used as such. These wreaths have all wired stems and will require some very basic shaping upon arrival.

 Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Partridge Branch Motif Tealight Candle Holder

What better way to remind yourself that spring is here that to decorate your table with this lovely bird nest centerpiece? Made from iron, polyresin, acrylic, and glass, this piece is shaped like a branch with leaves and flower blossoms. A bird sits on a small branch and the nest holds a round glass candle holder which holds a tealight candle. The entire piece is done in warn earth tones to blend well into any decor. Centerpiece measures 8.8 inches by 4.8 inches by 4.8 inches.

 Gifts & Decor Partridge Nest Branch Tealight Candle Holder

7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

This beautiful vase is made from 100% recyclable glass in a beautiful purple jewel tone color that just shouts "spring". Features graceful curves that look stunning when filled with flowers or used as a candle holder. Place a bouquet of spring flowers in the vase for use as an attractive floral centerpiece on the dining table, fireplace mantel, or anywhere else in the home that needs some brightening. Vase measures 7 inches high and 4 inches in diameter.

 7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

This is both an elegant and functional piece that features a lovely blue hydrangea arrangement along with green foliage and flower buds. Glass candle holder is in the middle of the centerpiece. Flowers and foliage look very realistic, so it feels as if you're bringing a touch of spring right into the home. Piece measures 18 inches by 16 inches by 9 inches.

 Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

DIY Glowing Spring Centerpiece for under $25

Interested in creating your own spring centerpieces? This tutorial video shows you how to create a lovely spring table centerpiece using a large cylinder vase, a smaller cylinder vase to go inside of the larger one, a pillar candle, and fresh flowers. Super easy to make, and the look can be changed whenever you feel like it by adding new fresh flowers.

Making A Spring Centerpiece (DIY)

Create this beautiful centerpiece with an iron candle holder, artificial pastel eggs, fuzzy chicks, polished river pebbles, brown excelsior, piece of burlap, and craft moss. Items are used to create the look of greenery with bird nests, birds, and eggs. Clear glass pillar candle holders are used to hold river pebbles and water. Add cut fresh tulips to candle holders to create lovely decoration that brings in all the elements of spring and nature. This would be a perfect table accent for Easter, or really just for any spring day.

Shabby Chic Candle and Earthenware Table Centerpiece

This is a three piece set that features one ceramic water pitcher, one ceramic pedestal, and one ceramic pot. Set also includes four 18 inch lavender sprays, one 4 inch lavender flower candle ring, one LED mosaic glass/wax candle and two C batteries. LED candle can be set with an eight hour timer and gives off pretty purple, silver, and green flickers. Pitcher measures six inches, pot measure seven inches, and pedestal measures four by five inches. Makes a great accent piece for a large dining room table or fireplace mantle. Fits in perfect with any vintage or shabby chic style decor.

 Lavender Garden - Shabby Chic Candle & Earthenware Table Centerpiece

Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

This colorful centerpiece features beautiful plush, pastel petals, foliage, and delicate buds. Peonies come in a variety of springtime colors such as orange, white, peach, pink, and purple. Flowers sit on top of an arrangement of intertwined twigs. Piece measures 34 inches long. Brings a touch of spring into the room and compliments any decor.

 Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

DIY Ideas for Table Centerpieces : Home Staging

This video tutorial gives suggestions for creating spring centerpieces based upon the size of the table you're working with. The decorator also offers suggestions about how to place the centerpiece and arrange it so everyone around the table has a nice view. Several ideas are shown for mixing and matching various pieces to create a perfect tablescape that includes elements of nature and other objects. Using height variations in your centerpiece is also discussed, along with grouping several items together to create a centerpiece. Keep in mind that a few of these items used are fall themes, which could easily be substituted with spring items such as bird houses, bird nests, etc.

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Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf! If you haven't been paying attention to the trends in home decor, you may not realize that the pouf is back in town. When I was in high school, lots of people had these along with bean bag chairs. I even had a bean bag chair in my room. Poufs are a softer version of an ottoman, and are great for a bit of added color as well as emergency seating. Kids love them because they have give and are comfortable to sit on for short periods of time. Poufs come in every material and color you can think of. Generally they do not match the furniture, instead they stand out to offer a pop of color. Since they are small, they don't take up much floor space and can be tucked in a closet or under a bench.

As you can see on this page, they come in lots of materials, designs and shapes. All of the poufs pictured on this page are available in at least one other color. You can click through the links to get to the product page for pricing, dimensions and color choices. Don't you think you are missing out? Get a load of these poufs today!

Lorna PoufLorna Pouf

Maricela Fuzzy Pouf OttomanMaricela Fuzzy Pouf Ottoman

Odin Sphere PoufOdin Sphere Pouf

Carolos PoufCarolos Pouf

Studded PoufStudded Pouf

Krish Eyelash PoufKrish Eyelash Pouf

Morrow PoufMorrow Pouf


Personalize These Poufs

Shabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers green round poufShabby flowers green round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufShabby flowers blue round poufShabby flowers blue round poufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufShabby flowers red round poufShabby flowers red round poufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufPink Pale Floral PoufPink Pale Floral PoufVintage old rose poufVintage old rose poufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube PoufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube Pouf

Abra Cadabra and Pouf

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