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Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

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Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring is a time of renewal, of leaving the gray days of winter behind and looking forward to brighter, sunny days with colorful trees and flowers in bloom all around. Spring brings to mind thoughts of butterflies, flowers, birds, and bright colors. To bring a little bit of spring into your home, try using a colorful centerpiece to liven up your table. Here are some cute ideas for spring centerpieces offered from Amazon, as well as a few really great do it yourself centerpiece ideas and tutorials for creating your own table decor to brighten your home.

Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

As far as spring centerpieces go, you can never go wrong with butterflies. This cute butterfly centerpiece would look good at a party table or on the dining room or coffee table. Colorful hues of purple, pink, orange, and yellow remind us that winter is over and spring has arrived. This is an easy to assemble piece with tiers of foil ribbons, die-cut flowers, and a cube base. When assembled, piece measures 10 inches by 10 inches tall, with base measuring 3.75 inches.

 Creative Converting Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Sure to brighten up your table, this daisy candle holder captures the bright colors of spring and also adds ambience. Garden style candle wreath comes in shades of orange, yellow and green daisies tucked in throughout. The candle wreath is 15"D and fits a 6" candle (not included). The candle wreath is the size of a small wall wreath and can be used as such. These wreaths have all wired stems and will require some very basic shaping upon arrival.

 Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Partridge Branch Motif Tealight Candle Holder

What better way to remind yourself that spring is here that to decorate your table with this lovely bird nest centerpiece? Made from iron, polyresin, acrylic, and glass, this piece is shaped like a branch with leaves and flower blossoms. A bird sits on a small branch and the nest holds a round glass candle holder which holds a tealight candle. The entire piece is done in warn earth tones to blend well into any decor. Centerpiece measures 8.8 inches by 4.8 inches by 4.8 inches.

 Gifts & Decor Partridge Nest Branch Tealight Candle Holder

7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

This beautiful vase is made from 100% recyclable glass in a beautiful purple jewel tone color that just shouts "spring". Features graceful curves that look stunning when filled with flowers or used as a candle holder. Place a bouquet of spring flowers in the vase for use as an attractive floral centerpiece on the dining table, fireplace mantel, or anywhere else in the home that needs some brightening. Vase measures 7 inches high and 4 inches in diameter.

 7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

This is both an elegant and functional piece that features a lovely blue hydrangea arrangement along with green foliage and flower buds. Glass candle holder is in the middle of the centerpiece. Flowers and foliage look very realistic, so it feels as if you're bringing a touch of spring right into the home. Piece measures 18 inches by 16 inches by 9 inches.

 Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

DIY Glowing Spring Centerpiece for under $25

Interested in creating your own spring centerpieces? This tutorial video shows you how to create a lovely spring table centerpiece using a large cylinder vase, a smaller cylinder vase to go inside of the larger one, a pillar candle, and fresh flowers. Super easy to make, and the look can be changed whenever you feel like it by adding new fresh flowers.

Making A Spring Centerpiece (DIY)

Create this beautiful centerpiece with an iron candle holder, artificial pastel eggs, fuzzy chicks, polished river pebbles, brown excelsior, piece of burlap, and craft moss. Items are used to create the look of greenery with bird nests, birds, and eggs. Clear glass pillar candle holders are used to hold river pebbles and water. Add cut fresh tulips to candle holders to create lovely decoration that brings in all the elements of spring and nature. This would be a perfect table accent for Easter, or really just for any spring day.

Shabby Chic Candle and Earthenware Table Centerpiece

This is a three piece set that features one ceramic water pitcher, one ceramic pedestal, and one ceramic pot. Set also includes four 18 inch lavender sprays, one 4 inch lavender flower candle ring, one LED mosaic glass/wax candle and two C batteries. LED candle can be set with an eight hour timer and gives off pretty purple, silver, and green flickers. Pitcher measures six inches, pot measure seven inches, and pedestal measures four by five inches. Makes a great accent piece for a large dining room table or fireplace mantle. Fits in perfect with any vintage or shabby chic style decor.

 Lavender Garden - Shabby Chic Candle & Earthenware Table Centerpiece

Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

This colorful centerpiece features beautiful plush, pastel petals, foliage, and delicate buds. Peonies come in a variety of springtime colors such as orange, white, peach, pink, and purple. Flowers sit on top of an arrangement of intertwined twigs. Piece measures 34 inches long. Brings a touch of spring into the room and compliments any decor.

 Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

DIY Ideas for Table Centerpieces : Home Staging

This video tutorial gives suggestions for creating spring centerpieces based upon the size of the table you're working with. The decorator also offers suggestions about how to place the centerpiece and arrange it so everyone around the table has a nice view. Several ideas are shown for mixing and matching various pieces to create a perfect tablescape that includes elements of nature and other objects. Using height variations in your centerpiece is also discussed, along with grouping several items together to create a centerpiece. Keep in mind that a few of these items used are fall themes, which could easily be substituted with spring items such as bird houses, bird nests, etc.

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This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Use Extension Ladder Review

Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Use Extension Ladder Review

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Werner Heavy Duty Telescoping Extension LadderIf you are a serious do it yourself person, then you need a serious extension ladder.  A good ladder is necessary for so many jobs, especially indoor jobs like painting near a ceiling, changing light bulbs, installing lighting, and repairing molding, and also for outdoor jobs like siding, painting, repairing brick, and anything on the second story of your house or garage.

My husband and I live in a older home, about 60 years old, and we are constantly repairing our garage roof, fixing siding, and filling in cracks in old plastering jobs.  This year we will probably take on the task of filling in grout around some of the bricks on the outside of our house.

I also use a ladder at different heights constantly in my retail store, because I have a high ceiling with track lights.  I need a 22 foot ladder for that job, and need a shorter step ladder to replace lighting in our front windows.  I also have to patch and repaint walls a lot because I am consistently moving wall art around in the shop.

I have been borrowing the big 26 foot ladder that belongs to my landlord, but I decided that it was time to buy one for myself.  I wanted a ladder that I could use for a lot of different jobs at home and at work, and one that would be flexible and sturdy, so that I didn't feel like I would fall off any minute.  Going up a ladder is NOT one of my favorite things to do, but it is necessary to get some jobs done.

After much research and comparison, I decided to buy the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot which is the second longest ladder in this model. One of the reasons that I bought this ladder is that I was able to get a tremendous price on this model from Amazon.  I love shopping on Amazon for some items because they have some great deals on products, that even with shipping, I get a better price than stores in my area.  And if you have a Prime Membership, you can get free shipping on most items.

I also liked that the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder is a professional grade ladder meant for a lot of use.  That means that it is a good investment that will last me for many years of indoor and outdoor usage.  If it is good enough for professional contractors, then you better believe it will be good enough for me, even with my multiple uses and needs.

One of the coolest features of the MT Series ladder is that it can be easily transformed into a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway stepladder, or two scaffold bases.  This means that my new ladder will replace all of the old rickety ladders that I currently have.  It scares me half to death every time I climb up on those to change a light bulb, and I will be much more secure on the Werner MT series.

I don't have too many jobs that weigh 300 pounds, but if I needed to I can set up the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder as a stepladder, and it will hold a load capacity of 300 pounds per side, including myself and any materials that I might use.  That means that the ladder will hold just about any size person, including a big burly guy, and a load of cement or bricks if necessary.

One of the biggest problems I have had in the past when I borrow my landlord's tall ladder is that it takes up so much room in my office.  This problem is eliminated with the Werner MT, because the ladder's inner section allows it to be folded into three set positions: extension ladder, twin stepladder, and storage. I can store this ladder out of the way when I don't need to use it.  I can fit it in my car trunk to take it too and from home and work. It is also quite easy to adjust the height because it has spring loaded J-locks. Simply disengage the J-locks on either side, telescope the section out to the desired length (in one-foot increments), and then reengage the J-hooks.  I can go easily from changing lights in my store windows to changing the lights in my raised ceiling without having to drag out another ladder.

I get a little dizzy when I have to go on a ladder.  If my husband is around, I always ask him to climb the ladder for me.  But often, I am in my shop or at home and need to climb a ladder when he isn't around.  I am thrilled with the safety rating of the Werner MT Telescoping Multi-Ladder.  Double-riveted steps provide long-lasting durability, and an extra wide flared bottom provides firm support while smooth curved side rails provide comfort and safe climbing, and best of all, heavy duty non-marring feet provide slip resistance.  The ladder moves less, I slip less, and it doesn't put marks or scratches on my hardwood floors.  I feel a lot safer on this ladder.

When you get this ladder, it is important to read the instruction manual.  I am the kind of person who usually learns through mistakes, and doesn't like to read manuals, but for using this ladder, you should.  You will understand better how to manuever the ladder and extend it.

You can buy the Werner MT Telescoping Multi-Ladder in more than one length; it comes in 13, 17, 22, and 26 feet.  There are also some accessories that you can buy for this ladder that will help with some specialized jobs including a Werner AC96 Standoff Stabilizer for all Werner Aluminum Extension Ladders and Multi-Master Articulated Ladders, and a Werner AC-18MT 3-Way Tray Attachment for MT Ladders.  The stabilizer is great for cleaning gutters on the outside of any building, home or office.

There are lots more reviews of the Werner MT Telescoping Multi-Ladder on Amazon.  Click through any of the links on this page to read more about the features and uses of this ladder.

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This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

Freshen up your Kitchen with Lime Green

Freshen up your Kitchen with Lime Green

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Add Color to your Kitchen with Functional and Pretty Lime Green Dishes, Accessories and Decor

You can add your own style to freshen up your kitchen with splashes of your favorite color and if lime green is yours, here you can wallow in a huge selection of lime green kitchen appliances, decor and accessories. I've pick out just a few of my favorite lime green kitchen decor items to tempt you. There is a selection of bake and cookware, towels and table linen, curtains, wall clocks and kitchen appliances to name just a few.

I hope you enjoy surfing this collection and if there is something missing that you need, all you have to do is click any of the links to take you into Amazon to browse an even wider selection.

KitchenAid KSM150PSGA Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield - Green Apple

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

Introducing lime green to a kitchen

Lime green is a stunning color on it's own and it blends and contrasts with many other colors - have you thought about lime green and orange for instance - those are bold and stunning together. Or if you prefer something a shade more subtle, go for pastel lime greens and dot only a few accents and accessories around your kitchen. Too much lime green, for example in walls, can close a room in but you can use spots and splashes of this color to really make an impact.

Kitchen Selectives Single Drip Coffee Maker with Mug

Shades of lime green can differ so be sure you match them to how you want. There is nothing wrong with having a contrast but you might want to pick out one that stands out more than another. Decorate with useful lime green appliances like these set out on the counter as part of your decor idea.

Kitchen Selectives Single Drip Coffee Maker with Mug, GreenMelitta MES1W OneOne Single Serve Coffeemaker, Kiwi

Ceramic Lime Green Classic Teapot

This stunning teapot is dishwasher and microwave safe and uses a standard measure of 5- to 6 ounce cups to leave room for milk and sugar.

Lime Green Classic 2 Cup Ceramic Teapot

Chantal Enamel on Steel 1.8-Quart Loop Teakettle, Lime Green

This is a very pleasing shape and with a ergo handle, easy to hold when pouring boiling water.

Chantal Enamel on Steel 1.8-Quart Loop Teakettle, Lime Green

Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Hobnail Teapot

These cast iron kettles are among my favorite things - they have a wonderful Oriental feel to them that makes tea time into a ritual.

Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Hobnail Teapot

Premium Silicone Deep Dish Casserole Pan, Green

Marathon Housewares silicone bakeware features a non-stick surface that is flexible and easy to release. Bakeware is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and is effortless to clean and store. Cooks evenly without burnt edges and cools immediately upon removal from the oven - protecting tabletops and countertops. Unique bounce back feature allows mold to be easily folded and stored in tight spaces and drawers.

Premium Silicone Deep Dish Casserole Pan, Green

Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick Cookware Set, 10-Piece

These are great cookware if you are enthusiastic about cooking. They are specially designed to ensure even heating and you can even use them in an oven. With non-stick interior they are easy to care for too.

Rachael Ray Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, Green Gradient

Esprit de Cuisine by Appolia Fish Shape 2 Quart Deep Baker, Lime

An attractive dish you can use to serve at table straight from the oven. Some people thought it was a bit small but it is available in other sizes if you need something bigger than the one on display here.

Esprit de Cuisine by Appolia Fish Shape 2 Quart Deep Baker, Lime

You can be reassured that this ceramic pie dish is completely free from lead and cadmium - only food safe glazes are used.

Chantal 9.5-inch Deep Pie Dish, Lime Green

More Lime Green Kitchen Accessories

Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board SetIgloo FR320I Refrigerator, LimeEnameled Aluminum Lime Squeezer, GreenZojirushi SM-YAE48GA Travel Mug, 16 oz, Lime GreenWhimsical Lime Green Bird Ceramic Butter Dish and Lid CoverLime Green Extra-Large Silicone Dish-Drying MatCuisinart Multipurpose Silicone Kitchen Tool, Lime GreenMammoth Cubes Designer Silicone Big Ice Cube TrayThe Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper, Lime GreenCuisinart Silicone Heat-Proof Oven MittSuper Flex Silicone Oven MittShacke 18 x 12 inch Bar Service Mat (Lime Green)16 Count Square Dessert Plates, 6 7/8-Inch, Lime GreenWestmark Germany Stainless Steel 5 Blade Herb Scissors

Lime Green Kitchen Decor

Introduce a little splash of lime green and add privacy in your kitchen with these curtain panels and valance - simple but effective.

Stylemaster Capri 60-Inch by 36-Inch Sail Cloth Tier Pair, Lime

You get a pair of matching privacy curtains in this pack. They are made of sail cloth material with a lime green border that will blend into your color scheme. Match them with the valance illustrate above and you have a winning combination.

Lime Green Kitchen Dish Towels

J & M Home Fashions 6-Pack Ribbed Chef Kitchen Towel Set, LimeKitchen Towels Reversible Terry Woven Check by Royal CrestMachine Washable 5-Piece Everyday Kitchen Dishtowel SetKay Dee Designs Cook Collection Flour Sack Cotton Towels

Lime Green Table Runners

Table runners just finish off a table perfectly without being too fussy.

Retro Fantasy Pattern Medium Table RunnerPaisley Floral Pattern Medium Table RunnerWhite Polka Dots on Lime Green Long Table RunnerLime Green Geometric Ikat Tribal Print Pattern Short Table Runner

Lime Green Kitchen Wall Clocks

Every kitchen needs a clock so why not use it as a focal point that enhances your color scheme. These are just a few of the styles you can pick from. Whether you want something whimsical, fun or classic it up to you.

Mexican Cuisine Fresh Limes Design Square WallclocksLime Green Music Note Personalized Wall ClockBokeh Green Lime Round WallclocksGerbera Daisy Block Print - lime green Square WallclockMojito Wall ClocksRustic Weathered Green Woodgrain Photograph Wall ClockLime Green Geometric Ikat Tribal Print Pattern Wall ClockPastel Lime Green Yellow Retro Mosaic Pattern Wallclock

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Dragonfly Themed Garden Ideas

Dragonfly Themed Garden Ideas

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Dragonfly Bird BathThemed garden decor is very popular and one of the most delightful to create is a dragonfly themed garden.  These pretty creatures capture the imagination for their delicacy and beauty. On this page you will find a selection of garden accessories all featuring these charismatic insects. There are dragonfly fountains, dragonfly stepping stones, dragonfly solar lights, wind spinners and dragonfly garden stakes.

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves dragonflies and loves their garden this is the perfect place to do your online shopping.and if you want to attract the real thing into your garden, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Featured here: Evergreen Garden,Glass,Bird Bath Solar, Tiffany, Dragonfly

Dragonfly Fountains

Dragonfly Dripper/Fountain - Copper, for Birdbath/PondWhitehall Products Dragonfly Birdbath and Pedestal - VerdigrisDragonfly Birdbath Small (1 pc)Dragonfly Serenity Lit Glass Outdoor Water Fountain

Dragonfly Stepping Stones

Spoontiques Dragonfly Welcome Stepping Stone

Spoontiques Dragonfly/Welcome Stepping Stone (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This cute stepping stone will provide a warm welcome to your visitors.

It is hand sculpted of resin then hand painted.

Perfect for use as a stepping stone or as a wall hanging.

Spoontiques Dragonfly Glow Stepping Stone

Dragonfly Wind Spinners

Next Innovations Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Wind Spinner

eye-catching garden decorative item

Wind spinners live up to their name and change shape when they catch the wind. They are perfect for creating movement in the garden.

Next Innovations EKMDRAGONFLYBL Blue Dragonfly Kaleidescope Eycatcher, Medium

This is a beautiful piece of garden art that anyone would love to receive as a gift. The metal spinner features a delicate dragonfly that will spin in counterpoint to the blades when the wind blows. It measures around 1 inches to 12 inches. Made in the USA.

Pretty Dragonfly Spinners

wind spinners

Iron Stop Designer Gazing Ball Dragonfly Wind Spinner D152010Iron Stop Designer Animated Dragonfly Wind Spinner DA17010Iron Stop Designer 3D Dragonfly Wind SpinnerIron Stop Animated Dragonfly Wind Spinner

Dragonfly Garden Lights

Echo Valley Illuminarie Dragonfly Stake

great gift idea for garden lovers

Echo Valley 4204 Illuminarie Dragonfly Stake

This is a delightful garden light from Echo Valley. The pretty dragonfly perches on a globe and inside the globe are crystals that capture light energy during the day so the ornament gives off a sloft glow for up to 4 hours after dusk. Since these are made from hand-blown glass, no two will ever be exactly the same. Us in the garden or add it to a flower container for a great effect.

Solar Powered Dragonfly Lights

Mr. Light 44253 Solar Dragonfly

Dragonfly Garden Accessories

Dragonfly garden accessory

balance buddy

Red Carpet Studios Balancing Buddies Yard Art, 42-Inch Tall, Dragonfly

This delightful garden decoration features a dragonfly delicately balanced on this stake. The balance buddy will move with the wind bringing interest and movement into your garden. This yard art is made of metal with some stone accents. The 42 inch stake is easy to insert anywhere in your garden.

Dragonfly Garden Stakes

Red Carpet Studios Rustic Element Balancers, 32-Inch Tall, DragonflyContinental Art Center CAC80208D Dragonfly Garden StakeAncient Graffiti Dragonfly Duo Short Plant Garden Stake

Dragonfly Garden Flags

Premier 51032 Garden Illuminated Flag, Dancing Dragonflies, 12 by 18-InchPremier Kites 51802 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Duet, 12 by 18-Inch (Discontinued by Manufacturer)Premier Kites 51788 Garden Brilliance Flag, Lacey Dragonflies, 12 by 18-InchPremier 51222 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Delight, 12 by 18-InchPremier 51321 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Haven, 12 by 18-Inch

Get bargains on dragonfly garden accessories on eBay

Solar Lighted Wall Light Lantern Patio Deck Fence Yard Garden Decor - Choose one
Solar Lighted Wall Light Lantern Patio Deck Fence Yard Garden Decor - Choose one $19.88
Time Remaining: 9d 3h 20m
Buy It Now for only: $19.88
Buy It Now
Giant Metal Dragonfly Garden Decorative Wall Art with Multicolored Beads
Giant Metal Dragonfly Garden Decorative Wall Art with Multicolored Beads $25.99
Time Remaining: 3d 8h 7m
Buy It Now for only: $25.99
Buy It Now
The Lakeside Collection Solar Glass Garden Stones -
The Lakeside Collection Solar Glass Garden Stones - $14.97
Time Remaining: 25d 6h 56m
Buy It Now for only: $14.97
Buy It Now
Dragonfly Garden Ornament Flamed Copper Yard Stake by Ancient Graffiti
Dragonfly Garden Ornament  Flamed Copper  Yard Stake by Ancient Graffiti $10.99
Time Remaining: 7d 2h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $10.99
Buy It Now
Garden Ornament Stakes Dragonfly Butterfly Outdoor Garden Yard Patio Decor 26 Pc
Garden Ornament Stakes Dragonfly Butterfly Outdoor Garden Yard Patio Decor 26 Pc $12.27
Time Remaining: 4d 3h 18m
Buy It Now for only: $12.27
Buy It Now

How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden

More places to find dragon themed garden ideas.

How to Attract Dragonflies
An explanation on how to attract dragonflies to your backyard habitat.
Provide the right Habitat for Dragonflies
A small pond, coupled with the right habitat conditions, will help you attract dragonflies and damselflies to your garden
Invite Dragonflies Into Your Garden : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television
The experts at show how to invite dragonflies into the garden.
How to Attract Dragonflies: 7 steps - wikiHow
How to Attract Dragonflies. Dragonflies, which are large insects in the Odonata family, are sought after by property owners because they as beneficial insects that are attractive and fun to watch. Both the adult dragonflies and the...
Creating a Dragonfly Habitat
How to create the right habitat for dragonflies.
Invite Dragonflies Into Your Garden : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television
The experts at show how to invite dragonflies into the garden.
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Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor

Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor

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Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor by Jennifer Rizzo

If you are looking for a fresh new look for the holidays this year, or maybe you are tired of the new look and want some more eclectic style with vintage items, you should definitely shell out the few dollars to buy this new book by Jennifer Rizzo. It is full of inspiration and ideas to help you decorate for this year's holiday season, and you can see just by the cover that it is full of fun.

The book is entitled, Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor (CD Included), and it is sold out of the first shipment into Amazon, so get your order in for the next shipment. Only $8.99 in Kindle, you can also buy it in paperback for a handy reference. This is a great way to bring your family together for this holiday season.

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Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

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Abra Cadabra and Pouf! If you haven't been paying attention to the trends in home decor, you may not realize that the pouf is back in town. When I was in high school, lots of people had these along with bean bag chairs. I even had a bean bag chair in my room. Poufs are a softer version of an ottoman, and are great for a bit of added color as well as emergency seating. Kids love them because they have give and are comfortable to sit on for short periods of time. Poufs come in every material and color you can think of. Generally they do not match the furniture, instead they stand out to offer a pop of color. Since they are small, they don't take up much floor space and can be tucked in a closet or under a bench.

As you can see on this page, they come in lots of materials, designs and shapes. All of the poufs pictured on this page are available in at least one other color. You can click through the links to get to the product page for pricing, dimensions and color choices. Don't you think you are missing out? Get a load of these poufs today!

Pouf Ottoman by SuryaPouf Ottoman by Surya

Maricela Fuzzy Pouf OttomanMaricela Fuzzy Pouf Ottoman

Corded Jute Cube Pouf OttomanCorded Jute Cube Pouf Ottoman

Moroccan Leather Pouf OttomanMoroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

Alana Pouf OttomanAlana Pouf Ottoman

Rope Knit Pouf OttomanRope Knit Pouf Ottoman

Personalized These Poufs

Shabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers green round poufShabby flowers green round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufShabby flowers blue round poufShabby flowers blue round poufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufShabby flowers red round poufShabby flowers red round poufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufPink Pale Floral PoufPink Pale Floral PoufVintage old rose poufVintage old rose poufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube PoufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube Pouf

Abra Cadabra and Pouf

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Orange Bedroom Decor

Orange Bedroom Decor

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Orange Bedding

How to Decorate your Bedroom in Orange, Tangerine and Nectarine

If there's a color that is popular right now, it's orange, and it can add a real pop when you use it to decorate a bedroom. Of course, there are lots of shades of orange from very pale to rich and deep. Which you decide on is up to you, and here I've tried to include a range using tangerine and orange as the main colors to help you choose.

Orange is a vibrant, rich and cheerful color that really stands out, so the first thing you should decide is just how much you need to create your own look. Start by thinking of the main or biggest areas that need filling -- walls and floor coverings, curtains and bedding are the major focal points in a bedroom. You probably already have the floor and wall colors in place, and if you've been wise, you've chosen neutral colors that will form a solid base for implementing any color changes elsewhere that you might want to make.

What I've done here is pick out things you can choose to put together orange bedroom decor. You'll find suggestions that include orange bedding, curtains and rugs and some accent ideas. Be sure to check out my other orange tangerine pages which include some other suggestions you might like to work into your new-look bedroom, such as throws and throw pillows and some delicious orange wall art.

Orange Bedding

Lux Decor Collection 8-Piece Comforter Set with White Stripes

In term of color blocks, your bed takes up quite a bit of space in your bedroom so if you use the bedding properly, you can create a real wow factor.

Lux Decor Collection 8-Piece Comforter Set with White Stripes, King, Tangerine

This luxury bedding set is ideal for adding a huge block of color to your room. The vibrant orange is broken up very effectively by white stripes. This set includes a comforter and bedskirt, 2 pillow and 2 shams, a bolster and decorative pillow to complete the effect. Made from easy-care polyester this one is completely machine washable but use a cold wash to preserve the rich color.

Intelligent Design Senna 5 Piece Comforter SetGray, Orange and White Bedding Set Collection3pc Tree Duvet Cover SetReversible Down Alternative 3-Piece Comforter SetOrange Damask Pattern Duvet Cover Set4-Piece Bohemian Print Bedding Set5 Pc Turquoise, White, Orange, Coverlet, Queen Size Quilt Set7-Piece Quilted Patchwork Comforter SetLush Decor 3-Piece Adrianne Quilt Set

Tangerine Curtains

Covering the windows is another of those large blocks of color I was talking about earlier. As usual, there are lots of decisions depending on your needs and your taste. Do you need curtains for privacy and that cut out light and drafts and keep heat in, or could you get away with using something completely decorative?

2 Piece Solid SHEER PANEL Window Curtain 60-inch width X 84-inch

Use sheer curtains to create an ethereal look. Here you can use the two panels to dress the window in a number of ways, just use your imagination and creative flare. Each of these panels measures 60 inches by 84 inches, plenty for most windows.

Solid Orange Sheer CurtainsRoom Darkening Curtain Panel, 40 x 84 InchGrommet Top Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain2 Piece Set Sea Glass Trellis Pattern CurtainOrange Sheer Curtain 2 Panels Rod PocketLush Decor Leah Blackout Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2)Solid Voile Sheer Extra Wide 54 x 84 in.3 Piece Orange Sheer Voile Curtain Panel SetRoom Darkening Blackout Moroccan Print CurtainsBaby Doll Chevron Window Valance and Curtain Set

Orange Bedroom Rugs

Rugs can really change the look of a room, offer a spot to add warmth or a pattern and of course they will keep your feet warm. Here are some ideas of different orange rugs for your home.

New City Orange Traditional French Floral Wool Persian Area Rugs 5'2 x 7'3

Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag RugCozy Shag Collection Orange Solid Shag RugFloral Contemporary Orange and White Modern Area Rug 4'3 x 5'6Hughapy® Orange Non Slip Microfiber CarpetCollege Plush Rug - 4' X 6' - OrangeNicedeco Comfortable Rug Approx. 15.75''X23.62''x62"Home Dynamix HD5012-731 Tremont Collection Area RugOrange Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Kids Rug3'4" x 5' Fancy Moroccan Trellis Orange & Ivory Area Non-Slip RugInterDesign Doodle Bedroom and Bathroom Accent Rug, OrangeLhasa - Orange & Violet (4' x 6')Geometric Contemporary Yellow Orange Blue Modern Area Rug 4'3 x 5'6Southwestern Native American Design Area Rug RugsBursting Flower 2-Piece Bath Rug SetMaxy Home Medallion CirclesJustNile Tricot Floor Mat - 24" X 35" Orange StripesArt Collection Contemporary Modern Splat Wool Area Rug, 5'2 x 7'3

Orange Bedroom Accessories

Orange Lamps

Change how your bedroom lamps and ceiling light look by swapping out the lamp shades. Or get an orange lamp to add color.

Simple Designs LT2008-ORG Mini Ceramic Globe Table LampSimple Designs LT2009-ORG Mini Oval Egg Ceramic Table LampFatboy Cooper Cappie Lamp Shades, Mr. OrangeLite Source LS-22315ORN Hennessy Table LampIkea 901.550.16 Fillsta Table LampLimelights LD1002-ORG Gooseneck Organizer Desk LampSweet Potato Table Lamp, OrangeLite Source LS-21489ORN Table LampIkea 502.495.31 Kajuta Table Lamp, OrangeSimple Designs LT2008-ORG-2PKLite Source LS-21506ORN Reiko 16.5-Inch Ceramic Table LampWBM 1002 Hand Carved Himalayan Natural Crystal LampLite Source Torchiere LampsStudioSilversmiths 44138 Amber Glass Tea Light Lamp with ShadeUrban Shop Architectural LampXCUBE Rechargeable LED Night Light

Orange Wall Decor

Add orange decor accents using peel and stick wall decals. These are inexpensive and easy to apply and if you want to change them, they peel off without leaving any marks. There are lots of different designs and styles to choose from depending on your taste. Or choose clocks, metal wall art and more to add interest to your room.

Inspirational Quotes Wall Art3D Unique Creative Wall Square Clock Home DecorDIY Orange Lovely Vivid Paper 3D Decorative Butterfly Wall14 Inch Stainless Steel Housewares Cutlery Wall ClockHandpainted Octopus Wall Mount DecorRegal Art & Gift Gecko Wall Decor, 18-Inch, CopperFunky Wall R/Squares Vinyl Sticker DecalsDeco 79 Metal Wall Decor, 38 by 2 InchEnticing Solar Sun Face Wall DecorPolka Dot Rings Circles Wall Decals

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