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Dragonfly Window Decor

Dragonfly Window Decor

Dragonfly Window Pane Stained GlassDragonfly inspired window decorations

Part of my series on Dragonfly Decor Ideas , this page features a selection of my favorite dragonfly window decor. Included are some stunning stained glass windows panels and shimmering sun catchers that are sure to catch your eye. I've tried to include a variety of styles and a range of prices to suit every budget - if the Tiffany-style dragonfly window panels are too much for you, you can always go for a similar look with peel and stick decals.

I've even included a few facts about dragonflies to entertain you. So...whether you want something spectacular or something simple, I'm sure there will be something here to suit you. I hope you enjoy my selection and that you will visit my other pages in this series.

Blue River Dragonfly/Butterfly Art Glass Vertical Window Panel

 Regal Art and Gift Sun Catcher, Dragonfly Design Toscano Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window Tiffany Style Stained Glass Dragonfly Night Light Joan Baker Designs SO256 Dragonfly with Lilies Art Glass Suncatcher, 4-1/2-Inch by 3-1/4-Inch

Dragonfly Stained Glass Windows

One excellent idea to enhance a dragonfly inspired decor is one of these delightful stained glass window panels. They fit over your existing window by hanging mounts and chains. The sunshine through the window will bring these panels to life.

 Botanical Red Dragonfly Stained Glass Suncatcher Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Art Glass Tiffany Dragonfly Trio Stained Glass Window Design Toscano Dragonfly Pond Stained Glass Window Dragonfly Flower Window Panel Wall Hanging Botanical Collage Glass Art Panel

The symbolism of dragonflies

Dragonflies have been around for millions of year - one fossil dates back over 300 million years so it is no wonder so many myths and legends have grown up around them. Many cultures hold the dragonfly in esteem and here are some of the symbolism surrounding them.

  • In some native American tradition, dragonflies were thought to hold the souls of the dead and a visit from one was a visit from an ancestor.
  • Dragonflies in many cultures symbolize change and purity. Change - because of the different stages a dragonfly goes through and purity because they are always associated with pure, fresh water. This may also be influenced by the way the iridescence which allows them to appear different colors, also highlights the aspect of change.
  • Many cultures believe the dragonfly stand for victory, power and prosperity. These little creatures live amazing lives - they are born and live under water for a couple of years before bursting to the surface, live to the max then die in only a few weeks
  • Because they fly and live for such a short time, the dragonfly epitomizes how to live in the present, in how to make the very best of the time you have.
  • For the Japanese, dragonflies symbolize good luck, peace and prosperity. Because the islands that make up Japan can be seen as being in the shape of a dragonfly, this is a particularly potent symbol for light and joy
  • For those searching for meaning in their own life, dragonflies symbolizes the sense of self that comes with age and maturity.
  • The color of dragonflies appear to change as a result of reflecting and refracting light. Because of that they can appear to create an illusion so, when you hold the dragonfly as your symbol you show the world only what you want them to see. At the same time they allow you to see through illusions.

Hand painted dragonfly suncatchers - eye-catching dragonfly accent

 Dramatic Dragonfly Oval Suncatcher Skimmer Dragonfly Dragonfly with Lilies Flame Skimmer Orchid Collage Dragonfly Design Dragonfly Summer Rainbow Oval Suncatcher Botanical Butterfly Frog and Dragonfly Dragonfly and Grape Dragonfly Design Dragonfly and Tulips Dragonfly and Fuchsias Frog and Dragonfly Dragonfly Design Dragonflies and Water Lilies Dragonfly Floral

Dragonfly Meanings

The dragonfly is an insect with large eyes that are multifaceted, two sets of transparent wings, and a body that is elongated. They are similar in appearance to damselflies, with the main difference being that the dragonfly holds their wings perpendicular to their body. There are over 5,680 species of dragonflies in the world, and they have always evoked feelings of intrigue and different forms of symbolism in various cultures throughout the world.

What do dragonflies represent? That depends upon what area of the world and what culture we are speaking about. Europeans consider the dragonfly to be sinister, while Romanian folklore pegs the insect as a former horse that became possessed by the devil. The Swedish lore suggests that dragonflies have the job of weighing the souls of humans, while the Welsh associate them with snakes.

On the brighter side where the dragonfly is not considered to be something evil or bad, the Japanese associate the insect with the seasons of summer and early autumn. They are also recognized as symbols of happiness, strength, and courage. What do dragonflies represent in China? The answer is prosperity, harmony, and good luck. Other more generalized symbolisms that the dragonfly represents are poise, power, maturity, depth of character, living life to the fullest, becoming self aware, and defeating illusions that were self created.With an insect that has inspired so many cultures to develop lore and symbolism pertaining to it, it's no wonder the dragonfly is often a popular theme for both jewelry and home decorating.

Many people like to bring dragonflies into their home decor. When used for this purpose, the dragonfly represents a peaceful environment that incorporates the beauty of nature along with the mystery of the dragonfly. Modern artists also like to use these insects as subjects for such works as posters and framed art work to display in the home. Dragonflies have also inspired many decorative motif designs that are used for home furnishings and fabric for home decorating.

Dragonflies are many times the subject of Art Nouveau designs in jewelry pieces. They are also a popular theme used in making Native American Zuni pottery pieces. Dragonflies are both beautiful and colorful, which makes them a great subject for jewelry. The wings of the insect are perfect for creating stunning pieces using colorful gemstones or shiny precious metals such as gold or silver. Many necklaces, pins, earrings, and hair accessories that feature dragonflies can be found.

Culture also comes into play in jewelry that features dragonflies. For example, a piece of dragonfly jewelry when given as a birthday gift in Japan means you wish that person happiness, strength, and courage. For Native Americans, dragonfly jewelry represents renewal after facing challenging times in life. Colored dragonfly jewelry, in most cultures, has the meaning of overcoming self made illusions. This is symbolic of how the color of the insect is dependant upon the way the light reflects off of it, symbolic of how humans sometimes see things the way the choose to. The jewelry also represents growth, maturity, and making the most out of life in the time that we have.

All of these meanings are sure to make wearing a piece of dragonfly jewelry, or incorporating a dragonfly theme into your home's decor mean something more than it did before learning about its symbolism.

Buy Directly from Design Toscano

Dragonfly Floral Stained Glass Window

 Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window Tiffany Style Dragonfly Stained Glass Window "Dragonfly Pond" Stained Glass Window

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Standout Wall Decor for Your Home

Standout Wall Decor for Your Home

Standout Wall DecorWhen decorating or redecorating your home, choosing the right wall decor can make all the difference in a room. Sometimes you might want something more than just a framed art print, you want something that adds interest, dimension, or texture. This is when it's time to find some truly standout wall decor to brighten and enhance your space. Here are some great finds offered by Design Toscano that are definitely a step above your average wall decor selections. With wood, metal, resin, ceramics, and more to choose from, there is something for everyone's taste and style of decor. Compare pricing at Design Toscano direct and from Amazon.

Tuscan Villa Shuttered Arch Mirror

This is an arched mirror made from wood that has a shabby chic, antique white finish. Blends in well with most decorating styles. Mirror measures 24 inches wide by 48 inches high at tallest point of arch. Features shutters which can be left closed to give the illusion of a hidden space, or pulled open to reveal the mirror inside. Mirror brightens up your room and reflects, giving the illusion of having more space. Rounded arch features ornate scroll decoration in center. Truly a piece that will inspire conversation when guests are visiting. Great for checking your appearance before heading out the door too!


Tuscan Villa Shuttered Arch MirrorTuscan Villa Shuttered Arch MirrorTuscan Villa Shuttered Arch MirrorTuscan Villa Shuttered Arch Mirror


Gothic Cathedral Triptych Metal Wall Sculpture

If you like a medieval or gothic look and want something in metal for your wall decor, this piece is perfect. This is a hand cut metal triptych that reaches almost six feet tall and has a sophisticated design with a matte ebony finish. Features easy hang keyhole slots to make hanging a breeze. Measures 42.5 inches wide, by one inch deep, by 69 inches tall and weighs 19 pounds. This piece can be used as a focal point on a wall, or can even be mounted above a bed and used in place of a headboard.


Gothic Cathedral Triptych Metal Wall SculptureGothic Cathedral Triptych Metal Wall SculptureGothic Cathedral Triptych Metal Wall SculptureGothic Cathedral Triptych Metal Wall Sculpture


"Gentle Giants of the Namibia" Wall Sculpture

This is a piece that was exclusively made for Basil Street Gallery. Designer resin wall sculpture is fully hand-painted and features four elephants walking side by side, happily raising their trunks. This piece is a silver-gray in color and is three dimensional, as the elephants protrude from the flat hanging surface, really making this piece pop. This is a great choice if you are seeking a piece of wall decor that has a lot of detail and texture.


Gentle Giants of The Namibia Wall SculptureGentle Giants of The Namibia Wall SculptureGentle Giants of The Namibia Wall SculptureGentle Giants of The Namibia Wall Sculpture


Mid-Century Modern School of Fish Wall Sculpture

This piece is a Basil Street exclusive sculpture designed to pay tribute to the Italian artist Pino Tovaglia. Once considered to be an avant-garde style, now this piece is considered to be modern and contemporary. Design features seven fish made from a twist of metal frames, accented by colorful multi-colored fabric. Features colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green tones throughout various fabric pieces. Makes a great wall accent for the home, office, or gallery.


Mid-Century Modern School of Fish Wall SculptureMid-Century Modern School of Fish Wall SculptureMid-Century Modern School of Fish Wall SculptureMid-Century Modern School of Fish Wall Sculpture


Spirit Tree of Life Metal Wall Sculpture

This is a metal framed, three dimensional sculpture of the ancient spirit tree, believed by Native Americans to bring serenity and peace to those who encountered it. Each metal leaf is hand painted and stands out from the beautiful aqua colored background. This piece is featured in the latest issue of Basil Street Gallery. Piece weighs nine pounds and measures 41.5 inches wide, by one inch deep, by 16.5 inches high. Sure to add color and interest to any wall and serve as a standout piece.


Spirit Tree of Life Metal Wall SculptureSpirit Tree of Life Metal Wall SculptureSpirit Tree of Life Metal Wall SculptureSpirit Tree of Life Metal Wall Sculpture


"Bird Bungalows" Wall Sculpture

Perfect for displaying indoors or for hanging outdoors on a privacy fence or shed. This piece features a decorative rustic design with hand painted details. Crafted in full metal, wall decor includes design with seven colorful birdhouses and three colorful birds. Done in rust, tan, and bright blue colors for an interesting color scheme. Piece measures 33 inches wide, by 2 inches deep, by 16 inches high and weighs four pounds.


Bird Bungalows Wall SculptureBird Bungalows Wall SculptureBird Bungalows Wall SculptureBird Bungalows Wall Sculpture


Barcelona Sculpture Metal Wall Pocket

This is a hand-crafted metal piece influenced by Spanish design. Can be used either indoors or outdoors. Four feet of metal comes down to form an interesting wall pocket which can be used as a chandelier, planter, or just an interesting piece of art. Measures 9 inches wide, by 8 inches deep, by 46 inches high. Piece weighs three pounds.


Barcelona Sculptural Metal Wall PocketBarcelona Sculptural Metal Wall PocketBarcelona Sculptural Metal Wall PocketBarcelona Sculptural Metal Wall Pocket


Nova Textured Ceramic Wall Tiles Set of Four

This four piece set is from the VitaV Home Design Collection by Design Toscano. Four tiles can be placed to create a collective grouping. Choose various ways to display these lovely multi-toned blue hued ceramic tiles that make a great impression wherever they are placed. Hand crafted and carved by skilled artisans, making each tile unique and its own work of art. Features hanging wire on back of each tile. Each tile measures approximately 11.5 inches wide, by one half inch deep, by 11.5 inches high. Play around with various ways of placing each tile to create a truly unique look.


Nova Textured Ceramic Wall Tiles Set of FourNova Textured Ceramic Wall Tiles Set of Four


Eiffel Tower Framed Textile Print

Bring a touch of Paris into your home or office with this great framed textile print. This sepia-toned textile print is encased in a sturdy wooden frame and is a Basil Street Gallery exclusive piece of art. Print features the towering steel supports and trusses of one of the world's most famous architectural wonders. Piece is over four feet tall, making a dramatic accent in any room. Product dimensions are: 15 inches wide, by 1.5 inches deep, by 50 inches high and weighs 8 pounds.


Eiffel Tower Framed Textile PrintEiffel Tower Framed Textile PrintEiffel Tower Framed Textile PrintEiffel Tower Framed Textile Print


The Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Wall Sculpture

A wall statue cast in quality designer resin and hand painted in vibrant hues. This art piece of the Blessed Virgin Mother makes a beautiful religious wall sculpture and a perfect gift of spirituality and devotion. This lovely version of the Madonna was inspired by the well known appearance of the Blessed Mother in 1531 to an indigenous peasant girl in the Tepeyac Desert. A great way to display a symbol of your faith as well as piece of beautiful wall decor. Sculpture measures 6.5 inches wide, one inch deep, and 13.5 inches high. Weighs a total of one pound.


The Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Wall SculptureThe Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Wall SculptureThe Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Wall SculptureThe Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Wall Sculpture


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HammerWhoever conceived the idea of cracking a nut with a rock unknowingly invented a tool. When a later genius tied a stick to the rock, he invented the first hammer. There have been many improvements since that humble beginning.

A claw hammer is the best choice. A well-made hammer with curved claw opposite the striking face of cast steel is a good investment.

Keep the striking surface clean and never put it away when it is wet. If the hammer head works loose, drive a wooden wedge at the top of the hammer head. Some people soak their hammers but this only swells the wooden handle temporarily and is apt to cause rust later. A sharp blow on the head will apparently tighten it, but a few moments of use will only loosen it again.

To use a hammer, grasp the handle at the end-never near the head-and be sure to strike the nail squarely and at the same angle as the direction you wish to drive the nail. Hold your hammer level with the nail-never at an angle up or down. Otherwise, the nail will bend or may come out through the wood. Use light taps until the nail is well started. Don't hurry.

The nail set is used to sink the head of the nail below the surface of the wood.

Do not use your nail hammer to work metal, or pound cold chisels, or to drive rivets. Use it only to drive nails and brads.

The metal-working hammers divide themselves into two classifications- hard-face and soft-face. One of the best general-purpose hammers is the ball peen hammer; this is often called a machinist's hammer.

[phpzon keywords="claw hammers" num="4" country="US" searchindex="Tools" trackingid="diy-do-it-yourself-20" sort="none" templatename="default" paging="true"]

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Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own CribIf you happen to be expecting a baby or grandchild and are pretty handy with do it yourself projects, consider the idea of building your own crib. A DIY crib can be made to look just like one purchased at a baby specialty store, or the design could come solely from your own imagination. The main thing to take into consideration before beginning this type of project is safety, as you want to make this piece of furniture as safe as possible. By researching some of the common flaws found in manufactured baby cribs, you can avoid these pitfalls that have caused so many baby furniture makers to have to recall cribs and other items due to safety hazards.

You may be asking, why build your own crib? There are several reasons why someone might choose to do so. First and foremost, if you do it yourself, you can guarantee that only the top quality materials are used. This guarantees not only a sturdy product, but a long lasting finished product that will stand the test of time and serve to hold many sleeping babies through the years. You can also guarantee, provided you are skilled enough to tackle this project, that the craftsmanship is superior to that of a manufactured, store bought crib. Another reason is that the cribs sold in boxes at popular retail chains always seem to have directions that are vague and extremely hard to follow. There usually seems to be some missing piece of hardware too, which is always disturbing, especially when building a baby crib. Perhaps the very best reason to build your own crib is because it is an act of love. The time and effort that goes into this DIY project comes from the love in your heart, and the recipient of the crib will be touched that someone went to the effect of making this piece of furniture that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Having an heirloom crib in the family is truly special and really symbolizes the love of a family through the generations. Imagine having your newborn baby sleeping in a crib that was handcrafted by their great grandfather for their grandmother, and so on. Imagine over the years how many members and generations of the family have slept, or will sleep in this particular crib. Imagine the special memories and stories the family have gathered through the years about the crib, along with treasured family photos of the many babies enjoying their nap time in it. As you can see, the sentimental value alone makes the project completely worthwhile. Your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you plan on designing your own DIY crib pattern, make sure that the slats are spaced safely apart to avoid little heads or feet getting caught in them. Also, make sure to use safe products that can be used around an infant that may be teething on the crib when they get a bit older, such as plastic teething guards. If you're not quite ready to design the plans for the crib, there are patterns and plans that can be found online. This video is also a great introduction.

For a great set of building plans for the do it yourself crib project, the Mission Crib Woodworking Plan, Build Your Own Crib plan is available on This plan is designed by Bob Belke for the American Furniture Design Company, and is a standard Mission style crib that features two sliding sides as well as an adjustable mattress frame. A complete hardware kit for the project, as well as a mattress support, are available for purchase separately from the woodworking plans and instruction manual being offered. This crib project will require a trip to your local lumber supply store or local home improvement center. The finished product will look very much like a crib purchased from one of those expensive baby stores,
and will have a million times more meaning to the recipient.

To make this particular crib, or one like it, you should have the necessary tools on hand before beginning the project. These include a router, table saw or miter saw, clamps, and common hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, etc. You also need a tape measure, drill, square, sander, and kreg jig. If you are not purchasing a hardware kit in addition to your woodworking plans, you will also need various sizes of pocket hole screws, screws, small nails, brads, threaded inserts, bolts, mending straps, countersink bit for a drill, sandpaper, wood filler, wood glue, and finishing supplies. You will also need your various pieces of lumber, as well as the plastic teething guards, mattress frame, and mattress. Be sure to have your crib plans in hand and refer to the exact list of hardware and tools that you will for your particular design of crib before going out to shop for these items.

When you decide to build your own crib, you are doing more than just an ordinary do it yourself project. You are creating a beautiful piece of furniture that will also become a lasting piece of family history. After you have used the crib for each of your own children, imagine giving it to each adult child to pass around as their own children are born, with the youngest grandchild always being the one with the crib in their home. As more children are born, it gets passed back and forth so all can use it. If that becomes too complicated, simply keep the heirloom crib at grandma and grandpa's house, there for each grandchild to use when they visit or spend the night. After you have mastered the art of crib making for your own children, you may even wish to make one for each adult in the future, so they each have their own crib made by their parent or grandparent. Each crib will be cherished and become a most prized possession that brings back happy memories for the entire family.

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Unique Shelves Change the Mood of a Room

Unique Shelves Change the Mood of a Room

Zig Zag Wall Shelf

An easy way to add interest to a bedroom, living room or family room is to add some unique shelving. Shelves come in so many interesting configurations including corner shelves, floating shelves and zig zag shelves and they can often tuck into a corner that you are not really using anyway.

With small shelves, you can add some colorful accessories such as a vase, candle or silk flowers in bright contrasting colors to draw the eye. Even though the shelves take up space, you may find that adding them makes the room look bigger instead of smaller. Shelves can be made of wood, metal or glass although if you rent it is better to use a lightweight material.

When buying shelving, consider the size of the space you have, the weight that will go on the shelf and the effect you are working towards. Style makes a difference too. If you like a more modern style, then look for contemporary shelves. You do have the option to take existing shelves and alter them with paint or stain for an antique look or more rustic look.

Shelves can also create a shadow box effect, for display of one item to be hung on the wall. Another option is a thick frame that is hung and used as a shadow box.

Not all shelves need to take up floor space, either. Ledges and corner shelves are often mounted on the wall and do not even go all the way to the floor. You can plot out the space of your room on a piece of graph paper, and pencil in the location that you wish to add the shelves. This will help you see how much space each item in your room uses and you can measure out paper to represent your existing furniture and move it around the diagram to find the best configuration.

Below are just a few examples of unique wall shelves. Click the link for a bigger picture and more details.

Floating U Shelves in Walnut FinishFloating U Shelves in Walnut FinishFloating Shelf with Tempered GlassFloating Shelf with Tempered Glass45-by-15-Inch Wall Shelf, 2-Pack45-by-15-Inch Wall Shelf, 2-PackLarge Corner Wall Mount ShelfLarge Corner Wall Mount Shelf

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How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

Hubbardton Ceiling FanCeiling fans should be correctly fastened to an electric ceiling box that is designed to sustain a heavy ceiling fixture. It must not only hold the wiring, but the total weight of the fan must be supported. If the ceiling fixture you had previously was of light weight, the box will probably have to be replaced with one manufactured for ceiling fans.

Determine Your Usage

If you prefer a ceiling fan to circulate heat during the cold months, known as reclaiming heat, and keep you cool during the summer months, a ceiling fan with reverse remote control is best. During summer months the fan blade should rotate in a counter-clockwise motion. For winter month the blades should turn in a clockwise motion.

Featured: Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan, Dark Smoke Finish, 5 Slate Blades, Opal Glass

Will Fans go Outside or Inside?

If your fan will be on your patio, porch, or in a screened area, outdoor fans will be the most accommodating. Outside ceiling fans are UL classified for damp and wet areas. Wet ceiling fans can stand-up to direct weather changes and damp-rated ceiling fans can be inside covered outside areas like patios.

Where to Place Your Ceiling Fan

When purchasing your ceiling fan, be aware of which room and the size of the room your fan will be installed. Air movement is the mix of a number of factors. A large room or living room ceiling fan should be large, and bedroom fans should have a quiet motor with a minimum four star rating for great uninterrupted sleep.

Recommended Installation Heights

  • To decide the correct height for your ceiling fan, measure the length from the precise point in the ceiling where it is in conjunction with the floor right below.
  • Ceilings under eight feet, should utilize a flush-mount ceiling fan. Codes require that ceiling fan blades are not lower than seven feet from the floor which makes flush-mount ceiling fans your best bet.
  • For ceilings below eight feet consider hugger ceiling fans minus any lights, since they are inclined to be the lowest profile-fans.
  • Ceiling fans should hang eight to nine feet from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be at least seven feet away from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be a minimum of 8.5 inches from the ceiling.
  • If you have very high ceilings, lowering the ceiling fan would be practical. This will improve cool-air circulation or heat reclamation.

Ceiling Fans and Your Home Decor

There are a number of basic rules applied when selecting a ceiling fan finish for your home. Ceiling fan etiquette states that fan motor finishes are normally selected to match additional metallic hardware in a room such as door knobs and table lamps. Fan blade finishes are normally made from wood and should match door, flooring, and furniture. The style of your room has plenty to do with your choice of ceiling fan as well.

These three styles of ceiling fans are the most popular:

  • Contemporary-for sleek architectural styled rooms.
  • Traditional-for more formal type rooms.
  • Exotic-for bright, sunny rooms with rattan and palm-leaf materials.

Tools you will need:

  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Side-cutting pliers
  • Crescent wrench
  • Voltage tester or multi-tester
  • Drill with long bit
  • Long nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Lineman's pliers
  • Metal-cutting keyhole saw


Examine the joists for wiring or plumbing pipes that may be a hindrance prior to installing your fan.  Be sure the electrical box that keeps the fan in place is classified.  Check all parts and instructions prior to beginning your installation.

The installation process itself is quite simple; the steps go as follows:

  1. Slip In the brace
  2.  Tighten the brace
  3. Attach the box
  4. Install the mounting plate
  5. Put together the down-rod and canopy
  6. Wire the fan
  7. Fasten the canopy to the mounting plate
  8. Attach the blades

Recommended Ceiling Fan Brands:

Ratings are 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Hunter Fan Company 23856 52in. Classic Original Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is an American legend and the strongest Hunter ceiling fan on the market.
Rating: 4

Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan

The Hubbardton collection is expensive but produced with superb quality materials. This design is created to work with the existing Hubbardton Forge lighting collection.
Rating: 5

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Makita 5007MG Ergonomic Industrial Motor Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Review

Makita 5007MG Ergonomic Industrial Motor Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Review

Makita Circular SawA Tool for Every Need
There are carpenter tools and then there are professional carpenter tools and the latter is radically different from the other when it comes to proficiency and efficiency.  One of the best professional level tools is the Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw. The 5007MG is the essential carpenter's tool when it comes to cutting wood and it is designed to give out optimal cutting power without requiring a lot of effort from your end. This is the tool that helps you make the most of your time cutting wood and is designed for easy accuracy so that you won't make any errors or spend too much time making adjustments to your measurements.

Good Design Points
There are a lot of good points to talk about when it comes to the Makita 5007MG and most of it draws from the ergonomic design and the powerful motor that drives this machine. Unlike other tools that hard to hold, hard to see with, and hard to make an accurate cut without exerting too much effort, the 5007MGis a tool designed for easy gripping, easy measuring and requires very minimal effort on your end. Here is a brief but detailed look at the top reasons why this particular circular saw rests on top of the crowd.

First of all you will notice that the Makita 5007MG is run by a powerful 15 AMP, 5,800 RPM motor. This guarantees that you get the most precise cuts without the need to push down hard or to exert a lot of effort just to get a minimal cut on the wood. This kind of power means you can expect to use the circular saw on just about any kind of wood material and still feel like you're cutting butter with a hot knife.

For a tool this strong it is incredibly light and easy to hold. Older models from Makita used to be built of steel and other heavy materials but now they have turned to a decent mix of light but durable metal materials such as magnesium. This places the entire tool weighing a total of only 10.1 lbs. This goes well with the ergonomic design that makes the back and front grips easy to hold even for people with large hands or those who tend to wear thick gloves while working. The design of the grips also allows you to get a clearer view of the cutting area. Other circular saws block your vision and you usually have to rely on pure instinct to get an accurate cut. To further remedy this problem you are provided with two LED lights that function as guide lights when working. This is a tremendous help especially if you are making millimeter-precision cuts.

The warranty for the Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is another good thing to look into. For the first thirty days you can give back the 5007MG for a replacement or for a complete refund if you find yourself unsatisfied with its performance. After that you still get a full one year warranty in case any of the parts break due to a poor design or any failure on behalf of Makita. This is the perfect warranty for this kind of product because you never can be sure of the quality during the first thirty days and it may take some time to notice whether a part of the saw is not on par with the superior quality that the products are known for.

The Cons
If there is any complaint to make about this product it is concerned with the included saw blade. True, they do advertise that the blade is coated with materials that will guarantee it can bite through anything without getting damaged but the truth is that after some time you can expect to start losing blade teeth. This is not a major concern however as you can easily replace these with other top of the line saw blades that easily fit into the Makita 5007MG.

[phpzon asin="B000N5SVEY" country="US" trackingid="diy-do-it-yourself-20" templatename="asin"]

The Verdict
So how does the 5007MG live up to the standards of Makita? For a device that greatly empowers the user with its easy and effective ergonomic design and its motor that ensures you can use this tool for any kind of wood material and any wood cutting job.

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