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Choosing And Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Choosing And Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Smoke AlarmCarbon monoxide detectors are imperative in any home. These devices save lives. However, many homeowners shy away from purchasing a carbon monoxide detector due to misunderstanding. Many people are under the assumption that installing such a carbon monoxide detector is hard and requires the help of a professional. This does not have to be a complicated task. It can be a do it yourself job. In fact, the information and steps below will make installation a breeze.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which is derived of improper burning of certain fuels. It may be created from wood, coal, charcoal, kerosene, heating oil, natural gas, or propane. This gas is dangerous and hard to detect without a proper carbon monoxide alarm. The fumes are without color or odor.

What is a carbon monoxide detector?

This is a life saving device which is similar to a smoke detector. However, it will alert home occupants of the presence of carbon monoxide with in the dwelling.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide symptoms can range form mild to severe. If you feel you have been exposed to these toxic fumes seek medical attention. Here are some possible symptoms to watch for.

• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Sudden feelings or tiredness or unexplained fatigue
• Nausea
• Feeling light headed or dizzy
• Headache

More severe symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

• Harsh vomiting
• Mental confusion
• Passing out
• Poor coordination

Choose the right carbon monoxide detector for your home

There are two basic types of detectors to choose from. You may go with a simple AC plug in model. You may also opt for a battery operated detector. If you choose the battery operated version make certain to test battery strength often. As well, keep in mind that many plug in detectors fail with power is outages. Some do have a battery back up. These are always a good option.

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How to install your carbon monoxide detector

Installing a carbon monoxide detector is not complicated. This can be done with ease if one knows the correct steps to take. Below are steps which will make installation an easy process.

Before beginning installation you will need to gather some supplies. Here are the things you will need to install your carbon monoxide detector.

• Carbon monoxide detector
• Screwdriver
• Pencil
• Wall Punch
• Hammer
• Batteries

Step 1
The first step is to choose which detector you will be using.

Step 2
Next, you will need to choose a location for the carbon monoxide detector. Choose a location which is not near any heating or cooking source. It is best to space the alarm at least 15 feet from such areas. As well, make certain the alarm is free of debris and any type of covering such as curtains or drapes.

Step 3
Determine if the detector is battery operated of AC plug in ready. Plug in detectors need simply to be plugged in. However, battery operated units will require a bit more work.

Step 4
Mark the installation spot. Use a pencil to place a mark on the wall where the detector will be placed. Hold the base of the carbon monoxide detector to the wall. Darken in the screw holes with your pencil. This will leave circles on the wall where the screws should be placed.

Step 5
Take care to make holes in the wall where the pencil dots exist. This should be done using a wall punch. Make certain the holes you create are no larger than the screw anchors. They should fit tightly.

Step 6
Take a hammer and tap the screw anchors into the wall.

Step 7
Screw the base into the wall.

Step 8
Place a new battery inside the detector.

Step 9
Secure the detector to the wall.

Step 10
Test the batteries inside the detector. This will ensure that the unit is properly working. As well, it will allow you to became familiar with the alarm sound.

Your new carbon monoxide detector is now installed and operating properly. Installation was easy and performed with great success. You did not need the help of a professional. Your home is safe and your family is protected from the harmful and poisonous effects of carbon monoxide. You should be proud of the job you have accomplished.

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How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home and Install It

Hubbardton Ceiling FanCeiling fans should be correctly fastened to an electric ceiling box that is designed to sustain a heavy ceiling fixture. It must not only hold the wiring, but the total weight of the fan must be supported. If the ceiling fixture you had previously was of light weight, the box will probably have to be replaced with one manufactured for ceiling fans.

Determine Your Usage

If you prefer a ceiling fan to circulate heat during the cold months, known as reclaiming heat, and keep you cool during the summer months, a ceiling fan with reverse remote control is best. During summer months the fan blade should rotate in a counter-clockwise motion. For winter month the blades should turn in a clockwise motion.

Featured: Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan, Dark Smoke Finish, 5 Slate Blades, Opal Glass

Will Fans go Outside or Inside?

If your fan will be on your patio, porch, or in a screened area, outdoor fans will be the most accommodating. Outside ceiling fans are UL classified for damp and wet areas. Wet ceiling fans can stand-up to direct weather changes and damp-rated ceiling fans can be inside covered outside areas like patios.

Where to Place Your Ceiling Fan

When purchasing your ceiling fan, be aware of which room and the size of the room your fan will be installed. Air movement is the mix of a number of factors. A large room or living room ceiling fan should be large, and bedroom fans should have a quiet motor with a minimum four star rating for great uninterrupted sleep.

Recommended Installation Heights

  • To decide the correct height for your ceiling fan, measure the length from the precise point in the ceiling where it is in conjunction with the floor right below.
  • Ceilings under eight feet, should utilize a flush-mount ceiling fan. Codes require that ceiling fan blades are not lower than seven feet from the floor which makes flush-mount ceiling fans your best bet.
  • For ceilings below eight feet consider hugger ceiling fans minus any lights, since they are inclined to be the lowest profile-fans.
  • Ceiling fans should hang eight to nine feet from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be at least seven feet away from the floor.
  • Fan blades must be a minimum of 8.5 inches from the ceiling.
  • If you have very high ceilings, lowering the ceiling fan would be practical. This will improve cool-air circulation or heat reclamation.

Ceiling Fans and Your Home Decor

There are a number of basic rules applied when selecting a ceiling fan finish for your home. Ceiling fan etiquette states that fan motor finishes are normally selected to match additional metallic hardware in a room such as door knobs and table lamps. Fan blade finishes are normally made from wood and should match door, flooring, and furniture. The style of your room has plenty to do with your choice of ceiling fan as well.

These three styles of ceiling fans are the most popular:

  • Contemporary-for sleek architectural styled rooms.
  • Traditional-for more formal type rooms.
  • Exotic-for bright, sunny rooms with rattan and palm-leaf materials.

Tools you will need:

  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Side-cutting pliers
  • Crescent wrench
  • Voltage tester or multi-tester
  • Drill with long bit
  • Long nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Lineman’s pliers
  • Metal-cutting keyhole saw


Examine the joists for wiring or plumbing pipes that may be a hindrance prior to installing your fan.  Be sure the electrical box that keeps the fan in place is classified.  Check all parts and instructions prior to beginning your installation.

The installation process itself is quite simple; the steps go as follows:

  1. Slip In the brace
  2.  Tighten the brace
  3. Attach the box
  4. Install the mounting plate
  5. Put together the down-rod and canopy
  6. Wire the fan
  7. Fasten the canopy to the mounting plate
  8. Attach the blades

Recommended Ceiling Fan Brands:

Ratings are 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Hunter Fan Company 23856 52in. Classic Original Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is an American legend and the strongest Hunter ceiling fan on the market.
Rating: 4

Fanimation HF7600DS Hubbardton Forge Presidio Tryne Ceiling Fan

The Hubbardton collection is expensive but produced with superb quality materials. This design is created to work with the existing Hubbardton Forge lighting collection.
Rating: 5

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At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen Cookbook

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen Cookbook

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

A sophisticated vegetarian cookbook with all the tools you need to be at home in your kitchen, cooking in the most nourishing and delicious ways—from the foundations of stocking a pantry and understanding your ingredients, to preparing elaborate seasonal feasts.

Imagine you are in a bright, breezy kitchen. There are large bowls on the counter full of lush, colorful produce and a cake stand stacked with pretty whole-grain muffins. On the shelves live rows of glass jars containing grains, seeds, beans, nuts, and spices. You open the fridge and therein you find a bottle of fresh almond milk, cooked beans, soaking grains, dressings, ferments, and seasonal produce. This is Amy Chaplin’s kitchen. It is a heavenly place, and this book will make it your kitchen too.

Read more about this great cookbook by clicking through below:

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating WellAt Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well


At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen Book Trailer from Roost Books on Vimeo.

This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own CribIf you happen to be expecting a baby or grandchild and are pretty handy with do it yourself projects, consider the idea of building your own crib. A DIY crib can be made to look just like one purchased at a baby specialty store, or the design could come solely from your own imagination. The main thing to take into consideration before beginning this type of project is safety, as you want to make this piece of furniture as safe as possible. By researching some of the common flaws found in manufactured baby cribs, you can avoid these pitfalls that have caused so many baby furniture makers to have to recall cribs and other items due to safety hazards.

You may be asking, why build your own crib? There are several reasons why someone might choose to do so. First and foremost, if you do it yourself, you can guarantee that only the top quality materials are used. This guarantees not only a sturdy product, but a long lasting finished product that will stand the test of time and serve to hold many sleeping babies through the years. You can also guarantee, provided you are skilled enough to tackle this project, that the craftsmanship is superior to that of a manufactured, store bought crib. Another reason is that the cribs sold in boxes at popular retail chains always seem to have directions that are vague and extremely hard to follow. There usually seems to be some missing piece of hardware too, which is always disturbing, especially when building a baby crib. Perhaps the very best reason to build your own crib is because it is an act of love. The time and effort that goes into this DIY project comes from the love in your heart, and the recipient of the crib will be touched that someone went to the effect of making this piece of furniture that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Having an heirloom crib in the family is truly special and really symbolizes the love of a family through the generations. Imagine having your newborn baby sleeping in a crib that was handcrafted by their great grandfather for their grandmother, and so on. Imagine over the years how many members and generations of the family have slept, or will sleep in this particular crib. Imagine the special memories and stories the family have gathered through the years about the crib, along with treasured family photos of the many babies enjoying their nap time in it. As you can see, the sentimental value alone makes the project completely worthwhile. Your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you plan on designing your own DIY crib pattern, make sure that the slats are spaced safely apart to avoid little heads or feet getting caught in them. Also, make sure to use safe products that can be used around an infant that may be teething on the crib when they get a bit older, such as plastic teething guards. If you’re not quite ready to design the plans for the crib, there are patterns and plans that can be found online. This video is also a great introduction.

For a great set of building plans for the do it yourself crib project, the Mission Crib Woodworking Plan, Build Your Own Crib plan is available on This plan is designed by Bob Belke for the American Furniture Design Company, and is a standard Mission style crib that features two sliding sides as well as an adjustable mattress frame. A complete hardware kit for the project, as well as a mattress support, are available for purchase separately from the woodworking plans and instruction manual being offered. This crib project will require a trip to your local lumber supply store or local home improvement center. The finished product will look very much like a crib purchased from one of those expensive baby stores,
and will have a million times more meaning to the recipient.

To make this particular crib, or one like it, you should have the necessary tools on hand before beginning the project. These include a router, table saw or miter saw, clamps, and common hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, etc. You also need a tape measure, drill, square, sander, and kreg jig. If you are not purchasing a hardware kit in addition to your woodworking plans, you will also need various sizes of pocket hole screws, screws, small nails, brads, threaded inserts, bolts, mending straps, countersink bit for a drill, sandpaper, wood filler, wood glue, and finishing supplies. You will also need your various pieces of lumber, as well as the plastic teething guards, mattress frame, and mattress. Be sure to have your crib plans in hand and refer to the exact list of hardware and tools that you will for your particular design of crib before going out to shop for these items.

When you decide to build your own crib, you are doing more than just an ordinary do it yourself project. You are creating a beautiful piece of furniture that will also become a lasting piece of family history. After you have used the crib for each of your own children, imagine giving it to each adult child to pass around as their own children are born, with the youngest grandchild always being the one with the crib in their home. As more children are born, it gets passed back and forth so all can use it. If that becomes too complicated, simply keep the heirloom crib at grandma and grandpa’s house, there for each grandchild to use when they visit or spend the night. After you have mastered the art of crib making for your own children, you may even wish to make one for each adult in the future, so they each have their own crib made by their parent or grandparent. Each crib will be cherished and become a most prized possession that brings back happy memories for the entire family.

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Using Wallpaper to Change a Room to Retro

Using Wallpaper to Change a Room to Retro

Using Wallpaper to Change a Room to Retro

Sometimes you only need to change one thing in a room to change it completely into a new style. Wallpaper is one of those things. You can add wallpaper to one wall in a room to change the entire mood.

Lately, I have been writing about decorating in retro. One of the easiest ways to change your kitchen, bathroom or living room into a retro style room is by adding one of these retro designed wallpapers to one accent wall. These wallpapers are a hoot! For most rooms, it would only take one day to put the paper up, then you could see the results immediately.


York Wallcoverings KB8525 Bistro 750 Retro Leaves Prepasted WallpaperYork Wallcoverings KB8525 Bistro 750 Retro Leaves Prepasted Wallpaper


The wallpaper featured above is a good example. York Wallcoverings KB8525 Bistro 750 Retro Leaves Prepasted Wallpaper comes in five different color combinations that can be used with almost any color scheme. It is a 50’s style design which would go great in a kitchen, entry or bathroom. You don’t have to want a retro look to use it, but it certainly can be used for that purpose.

Using Wallpaper to Change a Room to Retro

Another use for a retro wallpaper, or actually any patterned design is to create wall art from it. You can see this done here with this Wall In A Box WIB1012 Retro Dots Wallpaper, Silver Metallic, Scarlet Red, Gloss Black, Steel Gray. This is a very cool look that can be easily done by hand at home. Just place the wallpaper over a frame or on top of an existing artist canvas. Staple it to the back, and hang. In this picture, the paper has been put on four canvases and placed in a 2 x 2 pattern. The dot geometric design is juxtaposed with the squareness of the canvases.


WIB1012 Retro Dots Wallpaper, Silver Metallic, Scarlet Red, Gloss Black, Steel GrayWIB1012 Retro Dots Wallpaper, Silver Metallic, Scarlet Red, Gloss Black, Steel Gray


This is a wonderful wall accent for a den, living room, dining room or bedroom. It can also be used in a hallway or entryway. This is a particularly good idea if you rent the space you are living in, so you don’t need to replace the wallpaper. Just remove the nail you are hanging the frame with.

Other Retro Patterns

York Wallcoverings GE3610 Ashford Geometrics Retro Links Wallpaper, Blue/WhiteYork Wallcoverings GE3610 Ashford Geometrics Retro Links Wallpaper, Blue/WhiteYork Wallcoverings GE3612 Ashford Geometrics Retro Links Wallpaper, Variations Of Grey/Yellow On WhiteYork Wallcoverings GE3612 Ashford Geometrics Retro Links Wallpaper, Variations Of Grey/Yellow On WhiteYork Wallcoverings Tres Chic BL0428 Birdcage Wallpaper, White/Black/ChartreuseYork Wallcoverings Tres Chic BL0428 Birdcage Wallpaper, White/Black/ChartreuseYork Wallcoverings WH2668 Wallpap-Her Diamond Oasis Wallpaper, Pearlescent White/Glittering Turquoise/WhiteYork Wallcoverings WH2668 Wallpap-Her Diamond Oasis Wallpaper, Pearlescent White/Glittering Turquoise/White

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Dragonfly Themed Garden Ideas

Dragonfly Themed Garden Ideas

Dragonfly Bird BathThemed garden decor is very popular and one of the most delightful to create is a dragonfly themed garden.  These pretty creatures capture the imagination for their delicacy and beauty. On this page you will find a selection of garden accessories all featuring these charismatic insects. There are dragonfly fountains, dragonfly stepping stones, dragonfly solar lights, wind spinners and dragonfly garden stakes.

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves dragonflies and loves their garden this is the perfect place to do your online shopping.and if you want to attract the real thing into your garden, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Featured here: Evergreen Garden,Glass,Bird Bath Solar, Tiffany, Dragonfly

Dragonfly Fountains

Dragonfly Dripper/Fountain – Copper, for Birdbath/PondWhitehall Products Dragonfly Birdbath and Pedestal – VerdigrisDragonfly Birdbath Small (1 pc)Dragonfly Serenity Lit Glass Outdoor Water Fountain

Dragonfly Stepping Stones

Spoontiques Dragonfly Welcome Stepping Stone

Spoontiques Dragonfly/Welcome Stepping Stone (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This cute stepping stone will provide a warm welcome to your visitors.

It is hand sculpted of resin then hand painted.

Perfect for use as a stepping stone or as a wall hanging.

Spoontiques Dragonfly Glow Stepping Stone

Dragonfly Wind Spinners

Next Innovations Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Wind Spinner

eye-catching garden decorative item

Wind spinners live up to their name and change shape when they catch the wind. They are perfect for creating movement in the garden.

Next Innovations EKMDRAGONFLYBL Blue Dragonfly Kaleidescope Eycatcher, Medium

This is a beautiful piece of garden art that anyone would love to receive as a gift. The metal spinner features a delicate dragonfly that will spin in counterpoint to the blades when the wind blows. It measures around 1 inches to 12 inches. Made in the USA.

Pretty Dragonfly Spinners

wind spinners

Iron Stop Designer Gazing Ball Dragonfly Wind Spinner D152010Iron Stop Designer Animated Dragonfly Wind Spinner DA17010Iron Stop Designer 3D Dragonfly Wind SpinnerIron Stop Animated Dragonfly Wind Spinner

Dragonfly Garden Lights

Echo Valley Illuminarie Dragonfly Stake

great gift idea for garden lovers

Echo Valley 4204 Illuminarie Dragonfly Stake

This is a delightful garden light from Echo Valley. The pretty dragonfly perches on a globe and inside the globe are crystals that capture light energy during the day so the ornament gives off a sloft glow for up to 4 hours after dusk. Since these are made from hand-blown glass, no two will ever be exactly the same. Us in the garden or add it to a flower container for a great effect.

Solar Powered Dragonfly Lights

Mr. Light 44253 Solar Dragonfly

Dragonfly Garden Accessories

Dragonfly garden accessory

balance buddy

Red Carpet Studios Balancing Buddies Yard Art, 42-Inch Tall, Dragonfly

This delightful garden decoration features a dragonfly delicately balanced on this stake. The balance buddy will move with the wind bringing interest and movement into your garden. This yard art is made of metal with some stone accents. The 42 inch stake is easy to insert anywhere in your garden.

Dragonfly Garden Stakes

Red Carpet Studios Rustic Element Balancers, 32-Inch Tall, DragonflyContinental Art Center CAC80208D Dragonfly Garden StakeAncient Graffiti Dragonfly Duo Short Plant Garden Stake

Dragonfly Garden Flags

Premier 51032 Garden Illuminated Flag, Dancing Dragonflies, 12 by 18-InchPremier Kites 51802 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Duet, 12 by 18-Inch (Discontinued by Manufacturer)Premier Kites 51788 Garden Brilliance Flag, Lacey Dragonflies, 12 by 18-InchPremier 51222 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Delight, 12 by 18-InchPremier 51321 Garden Brilliance Flag, Dragonfly Haven, 12 by 18-Inch

Get bargains on dragonfly garden accessories on eBay

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How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden

More places to find dragon themed garden ideas.

How to Attract Dragonflies
An explanation on how to attract dragonflies to your backyard habitat.
Provide the right Habitat for Dragonflies
A small pond, coupled with the right habitat conditions, will help you attract dragonflies and damselflies to your garden
Invite Dragonflies Into Your Garden : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television
The experts at show how to invite dragonflies into the garden.
How to Attract Dragonflies: 7 steps – wikiHow
How to Attract Dragonflies. Dragonflies, which are large insects in the Odonata family, are sought after by property owners because they as beneficial insects that are attractive and fun to watch. Both the adult dragonflies and the…
Creating a Dragonfly Habitat
How to create the right habitat for dragonflies.
Invite Dragonflies Into Your Garden : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television
The experts at show how to invite dragonflies into the garden.

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Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

The winter time and holiday season is a great time to burn candles to add atmosphere, romance and warmth. And candles are a wonderful gift for stocking stuffers because they are usually small. Candles come scented and unscented, in many colors, shapes and sizes. You can put them in numerous decorative candle holders, lanterns or dishes to give your decor enhanced light and color.

Candles come in so many varieties that sometimes it can be overwhelming for you to choose a candle or two for your friends, family or significant other. If this is where you stand right now, here is a gift guide for you to gain inspiration. This list of candles and candle holders runs the gamut in price, longevity and style. Hover over the images to see the brand name, and look at the list below for more information on each one as you browse through this gift guide for candle lovers.

This list below corresponds with the pictures of each item above. Start at the top left and go left to right as you look at the list below. Each listing has the brand, name of item and price. Click through to see the full listing and different sizes, colors or other options available.

Asstd National Brand 3-pc. Hanging Mason Jars With Tealights • $11.99
Jonathan Adler Muse d’Or Candle • Jonathan Adler • $88
Gift Boutique Thompson Ferrier Buddha Candle • $68
OUTDOOR OASIS Outdoor OasisTM Iron Umbrella Ring Tealight Candle Holder • $19.99
Acqua di Parma Lavender Fruit and Flower Candle • Acqua di Parma • $112
Gaia & Gino Double Herkimer Candleholder • Gaia & Gino • $475
Michael Aram Gold Orchid Candle • Michael Aram • $60
AMAZING FLAMELESS CANDLE ‘Dot Monogram’ Flameless Candle • $13.20
Gift Boutique Thompson Ferrier Buddha Candle • $68
John-Richard Collection Glass Candleholder • John-Richard Collection • $650
Five Mercury-Glass Candleholders • $290
Kathryn McCoy Design Small Clear Quartz Votive Holder • $308
Anthropologie Painted Quadrant Candelabra • Anthropologie • $598
Jonathan Adler Blanc Candle • Jonathan Adler • $78
Diptyque Baies Scented Candle, 190g • Diptyque • $62
Fornasetti Scented Candle • Fornasetti • $175
Archipelago Botanicals ‘Excursion’ Glass Jar Candle • Archipelago Botanicals • $19
kate spade new york Light Up the Room Candle • Kate Spade • $34
MacKenzie-Childs Frog Candle Plate • Mackenzie Childs • $60
Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle Volcano One Size Candles • Anthropologie • $28
Gift Guide for Candle Lovers