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Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own Crib

Build Your Own CribIf you happen to be expecting a baby or grandchild and are pretty handy with do it yourself projects, consider the idea of building your own crib. A DIY crib can be made to look just like one purchased at a baby specialty store, or the design could come solely from your own imagination. The main thing to take into consideration before beginning this type of project is safety, as you want to make this piece of furniture as safe as possible. By researching some of the common flaws found in manufactured baby cribs, you can avoid these pitfalls that have caused so many baby furniture makers to have to recall cribs and other items due to safety hazards.

You may be asking, why build your own crib? There are several reasons why someone might choose to do so. First and foremost, if you do it yourself, you can guarantee that only the top quality materials are used. This guarantees not only a sturdy product, but a long lasting finished product that will stand the test of time and serve to hold many sleeping babies through the years. You can also guarantee, provided you are skilled enough to tackle this project, that the craftsmanship is superior to that of a manufactured, store bought crib. Another reason is that the cribs sold in boxes at popular retail chains always seem to have directions that are vague and extremely hard to follow. There usually seems to be some missing piece of hardware too, which is always disturbing, especially when building a baby crib. Perhaps the very best reason to build your own crib is because it is an act of love. The time and effort that goes into this DIY project comes from the love in your heart, and the recipient of the crib will be touched that someone went to the effect of making this piece of furniture that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Having an heirloom crib in the family is truly special and really symbolizes the love of a family through the generations. Imagine having your newborn baby sleeping in a crib that was handcrafted by their great grandfather for their grandmother, and so on. Imagine over the years how many members and generations of the family have slept, or will sleep in this particular crib. Imagine the special memories and stories the family have gathered through the years about the crib, along with treasured family photos of the many babies enjoying their nap time in it. As you can see, the sentimental value alone makes the project completely worthwhile. Your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you plan on designing your own DIY crib pattern, make sure that the slats are spaced safely apart to avoid little heads or feet getting caught in them. Also, make sure to use safe products that can be used around an infant that may be teething on the crib when they get a bit older, such as plastic teething guards. If you're not quite ready to design the plans for the crib, there are patterns and plans that can be found online. This video is also a great introduction.

For a great set of building plans for the do it yourself crib project, the Mission Crib Woodworking Plan, Build Your Own Crib plan is available on This plan is designed by Bob Belke for the American Furniture Design Company, and is a standard Mission style crib that features two sliding sides as well as an adjustable mattress frame. A complete hardware kit for the project, as well as a mattress support, are available for purchase separately from the woodworking plans and instruction manual being offered. This crib project will require a trip to your local lumber supply store or local home improvement center. The finished product will look very much like a crib purchased from one of those expensive baby stores,
and will have a million times more meaning to the recipient.

To make this particular crib, or one like it, you should have the necessary tools on hand before beginning the project. These include a router, table saw or miter saw, clamps, and common hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, etc. You also need a tape measure, drill, square, sander, and kreg jig. If you are not purchasing a hardware kit in addition to your woodworking plans, you will also need various sizes of pocket hole screws, screws, small nails, brads, threaded inserts, bolts, mending straps, countersink bit for a drill, sandpaper, wood filler, wood glue, and finishing supplies. You will also need your various pieces of lumber, as well as the plastic teething guards, mattress frame, and mattress. Be sure to have your crib plans in hand and refer to the exact list of hardware and tools that you will for your particular design of crib before going out to shop for these items.

When you decide to build your own crib, you are doing more than just an ordinary do it yourself project. You are creating a beautiful piece of furniture that will also become a lasting piece of family history. After you have used the crib for each of your own children, imagine giving it to each adult child to pass around as their own children are born, with the youngest grandchild always being the one with the crib in their home. As more children are born, it gets passed back and forth so all can use it. If that becomes too complicated, simply keep the heirloom crib at grandma and grandpa's house, there for each grandchild to use when they visit or spend the night. After you have mastered the art of crib making for your own children, you may even wish to make one for each adult in the future, so they each have their own crib made by their parent or grandparent. Each crib will be cherished and become a most prized possession that brings back happy memories for the entire family.

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What Pantone Color are You?

What Pantone Color are You?

The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala and Pantone has a range of colors to complement and contrast with it for fall and winter shown in the image below.

2015 Pantone Fall Colors

2015 Pantone Fall Colors

Not everyone wants to use these colors in their home. Color schemes often set the mood of the entire house, a single room or an office, but many people have trouble deciding where to start. Here is a great way to figure out what your favorite color scheme is. Take this quiz to see what Pantone color you are!

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Dragonfly Window Decor

Dragonfly Window Decor

Dragonfly Window Pane Stained GlassDragonfly inspired window decorations

Part of my series on Dragonfly Decor Ideas , this page features a selection of my favorite dragonfly window decor. Included are some stunning stained glass windows panels and shimmering sun catchers that are sure to catch your eye. I've tried to include a variety of styles and a range of prices to suit every budget - if the Tiffany-style dragonfly window panels are too much for you, you can always go for a similar look with peel and stick decals.

I've even included a few facts about dragonflies to entertain you. So...whether you want something spectacular or something simple, I'm sure there will be something here to suit you. I hope you enjoy my selection and that you will visit my other pages in this series.

Blue River Dragonfly/Butterfly Art Glass Vertical Window Panel

 Regal Art and Gift Sun Catcher, Dragonfly Design Toscano Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window Tiffany Style Stained Glass Dragonfly Night Light Joan Baker Designs SO256 Dragonfly with Lilies Art Glass Suncatcher, 4-1/2-Inch by 3-1/4-Inch

Dragonfly Stained Glass Windows

One excellent idea to enhance a dragonfly inspired decor is one of these delightful stained glass window panels. They fit over your existing window by hanging mounts and chains. The sunshine through the window will bring these panels to life.

 Botanical Red Dragonfly Stained Glass Suncatcher Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Art Glass Tiffany Dragonfly Trio Stained Glass Window Design Toscano Dragonfly Pond Stained Glass Window Dragonfly Flower Window Panel Wall Hanging Botanical Collage Glass Art Panel

The symbolism of dragonflies

Dragonflies have been around for millions of year - one fossil dates back over 300 million years so it is no wonder so many myths and legends have grown up around them. Many cultures hold the dragonfly in esteem and here are some of the symbolism surrounding them.

  • In some native American tradition, dragonflies were thought to hold the souls of the dead and a visit from one was a visit from an ancestor.
  • Dragonflies in many cultures symbolize change and purity. Change - because of the different stages a dragonfly goes through and purity because they are always associated with pure, fresh water. This may also be influenced by the way the iridescence which allows them to appear different colors, also highlights the aspect of change.
  • Many cultures believe the dragonfly stand for victory, power and prosperity. These little creatures live amazing lives - they are born and live under water for a couple of years before bursting to the surface, live to the max then die in only a few weeks
  • Because they fly and live for such a short time, the dragonfly epitomizes how to live in the present, in how to make the very best of the time you have.
  • For the Japanese, dragonflies symbolize good luck, peace and prosperity. Because the islands that make up Japan can be seen as being in the shape of a dragonfly, this is a particularly potent symbol for light and joy
  • For those searching for meaning in their own life, dragonflies symbolizes the sense of self that comes with age and maturity.
  • The color of dragonflies appear to change as a result of reflecting and refracting light. Because of that they can appear to create an illusion so, when you hold the dragonfly as your symbol you show the world only what you want them to see. At the same time they allow you to see through illusions.

Hand painted dragonfly suncatchers - eye-catching dragonfly accent

 Dramatic Dragonfly Oval Suncatcher Skimmer Dragonfly Dragonfly with Lilies Flame Skimmer Orchid Collage Dragonfly Design Dragonfly Summer Rainbow Oval Suncatcher Botanical Butterfly Frog and Dragonfly Dragonfly and Grape Dragonfly Design Dragonfly and Tulips Dragonfly and Fuchsias Frog and Dragonfly Dragonfly Design Dragonflies and Water Lilies Dragonfly Floral

Dragonfly Meanings

The dragonfly is an insect with large eyes that are multifaceted, two sets of transparent wings, and a body that is elongated. They are similar in appearance to damselflies, with the main difference being that the dragonfly holds their wings perpendicular to their body. There are over 5,680 species of dragonflies in the world, and they have always evoked feelings of intrigue and different forms of symbolism in various cultures throughout the world.

What do dragonflies represent? That depends upon what area of the world and what culture we are speaking about. Europeans consider the dragonfly to be sinister, while Romanian folklore pegs the insect as a former horse that became possessed by the devil. The Swedish lore suggests that dragonflies have the job of weighing the souls of humans, while the Welsh associate them with snakes.

On the brighter side where the dragonfly is not considered to be something evil or bad, the Japanese associate the insect with the seasons of summer and early autumn. They are also recognized as symbols of happiness, strength, and courage. What do dragonflies represent in China? The answer is prosperity, harmony, and good luck. Other more generalized symbolisms that the dragonfly represents are poise, power, maturity, depth of character, living life to the fullest, becoming self aware, and defeating illusions that were self created.With an insect that has inspired so many cultures to develop lore and symbolism pertaining to it, it's no wonder the dragonfly is often a popular theme for both jewelry and home decorating.

Many people like to bring dragonflies into their home decor. When used for this purpose, the dragonfly represents a peaceful environment that incorporates the beauty of nature along with the mystery of the dragonfly. Modern artists also like to use these insects as subjects for such works as posters and framed art work to display in the home. Dragonflies have also inspired many decorative motif designs that are used for home furnishings and fabric for home decorating.

Dragonflies are many times the subject of Art Nouveau designs in jewelry pieces. They are also a popular theme used in making Native American Zuni pottery pieces. Dragonflies are both beautiful and colorful, which makes them a great subject for jewelry. The wings of the insect are perfect for creating stunning pieces using colorful gemstones or shiny precious metals such as gold or silver. Many necklaces, pins, earrings, and hair accessories that feature dragonflies can be found.

Culture also comes into play in jewelry that features dragonflies. For example, a piece of dragonfly jewelry when given as a birthday gift in Japan means you wish that person happiness, strength, and courage. For Native Americans, dragonfly jewelry represents renewal after facing challenging times in life. Colored dragonfly jewelry, in most cultures, has the meaning of overcoming self made illusions. This is symbolic of how the color of the insect is dependant upon the way the light reflects off of it, symbolic of how humans sometimes see things the way the choose to. The jewelry also represents growth, maturity, and making the most out of life in the time that we have.

All of these meanings are sure to make wearing a piece of dragonfly jewelry, or incorporating a dragonfly theme into your home's decor mean something more than it did before learning about its symbolism.

Buy Directly from Design Toscano

Dragonfly Floral Stained Glass Window

 Dragonflies Dance Stained Glass Window Tiffany Style Dragonfly Stained Glass Window "Dragonfly Pond" Stained Glass Window

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Freshen up your Kitchen with Lime Green

Freshen up your Kitchen with Lime Green

Add Color to your Kitchen with Functional and Pretty Lime Green Dishes, Accessories and Decor

You can add your own style to freshen up your kitchen with splashes of your favorite color and if lime green is yours, here you can wallow in a huge selection of lime green kitchen appliances, decor and accessories. I've pick out just a few of my favorite lime green kitchen decor items to tempt you. There is a selection of bake and cookware, towels and table linen, curtains, wall clocks and kitchen appliances to name just a few.

I hope you enjoy surfing this collection and if there is something missing that you need, all you have to do is click any of the links to take you into Amazon to browse an even wider selection.

KitchenAid KSM150PSGA Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield - Green Apple

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

Introducing lime green to a kitchen

Lime green is a stunning color on it's own and it blends and contrasts with many other colors - have you thought about lime green and orange for instance - those are bold and stunning together. Or if you prefer something a shade more subtle, go for pastel lime greens and dot only a few accents and accessories around your kitchen. Too much lime green, for example in walls, can close a room in but you can use spots and splashes of this color to really make an impact.

Kitchen Selectives Single Drip Coffee Maker with Mug

Shades of lime green can differ so be sure you match them to how you want. There is nothing wrong with having a contrast but you might want to pick out one that stands out more than another. Decorate with useful lime green appliances like these set out on the counter as part of your decor idea.

Kitchen Selectives Single Drip Coffee Maker with Mug, GreenMelitta MES1W OneOne Single Serve Coffeemaker, Kiwi

Ceramic Lime Green Classic Teapot

This stunning teapot is dishwasher and microwave safe and uses a standard measure of 5- to 6 ounce cups to leave room for milk and sugar.

Lime Green Classic 2 Cup Ceramic Teapot

Chantal Enamel on Steel 1.8-Quart Loop Teakettle, Lime Green

This is a very pleasing shape and with a ergo handle, easy to hold when pouring boiling water.

Chantal Enamel on Steel 1.8-Quart Loop Teakettle, Lime Green

Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Hobnail Teapot

These cast iron kettles are among my favorite things - they have a wonderful Oriental feel to them that makes tea time into a ritual.

Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Hobnail Teapot

Premium Silicone Deep Dish Casserole Pan, Green

Marathon Housewares silicone bakeware features a non-stick surface that is flexible and easy to release. Bakeware is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and is effortless to clean and store. Cooks evenly without burnt edges and cools immediately upon removal from the oven - protecting tabletops and countertops. Unique bounce back feature allows mold to be easily folded and stored in tight spaces and drawers.

Premium Silicone Deep Dish Casserole Pan, Green

Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick Cookware Set, 10-Piece

These are great cookware if you are enthusiastic about cooking. They are specially designed to ensure even heating and you can even use them in an oven. With non-stick interior they are easy to care for too.

Rachael Ray Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, Green Gradient

Esprit de Cuisine by Appolia Fish Shape 2 Quart Deep Baker, Lime

An attractive dish you can use to serve at table straight from the oven. Some people thought it was a bit small but it is available in other sizes if you need something bigger than the one on display here.

Esprit de Cuisine by Appolia Fish Shape 2 Quart Deep Baker, Lime

You can be reassured that this ceramic pie dish is completely free from lead and cadmium - only food safe glazes are used.

Chantal 9.5-inch Deep Pie Dish, Lime Green

More Lime Green Kitchen Accessories

Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board SetIgloo FR320I Refrigerator, LimeEnameled Aluminum Lime Squeezer, GreenZojirushi SM-YAE48GA Travel Mug, 16 oz, Lime GreenWhimsical Lime Green Bird Ceramic Butter Dish and Lid CoverLime Green Extra-Large Silicone Dish-Drying MatCuisinart Multipurpose Silicone Kitchen Tool, Lime GreenMammoth Cubes Designer Silicone Big Ice Cube TrayThe Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper, Lime GreenCuisinart Silicone Heat-Proof Oven MittSuper Flex Silicone Oven MittShacke 18 x 12 inch Bar Service Mat (Lime Green)16 Count Square Dessert Plates, 6 7/8-Inch, Lime GreenWestmark Germany Stainless Steel 5 Blade Herb Scissors

Lime Green Kitchen Decor

Introduce a little splash of lime green and add privacy in your kitchen with these curtain panels and valance - simple but effective.

Stylemaster Capri 60-Inch by 36-Inch Sail Cloth Tier Pair, Lime

You get a pair of matching privacy curtains in this pack. They are made of sail cloth material with a lime green border that will blend into your color scheme. Match them with the valance illustrate above and you have a winning combination.

Lime Green Kitchen Dish Towels

J & M Home Fashions 6-Pack Ribbed Chef Kitchen Towel Set, LimeKitchen Towels Reversible Terry Woven Check by Royal CrestMachine Washable 5-Piece Everyday Kitchen Dishtowel SetKay Dee Designs Cook Collection Flour Sack Cotton Towels

Lime Green Table Runners

Table runners just finish off a table perfectly without being too fussy.

Retro Fantasy Pattern Medium Table RunnerPaisley Floral Pattern Medium Table RunnerWhite Polka Dots on Lime Green Long Table RunnerLime Green Geometric Ikat Tribal Print Pattern Short Table Runner

Lime Green Kitchen Wall Clocks

Every kitchen needs a clock so why not use it as a focal point that enhances your color scheme. These are just a few of the styles you can pick from. Whether you want something whimsical, fun or classic it up to you.

Mexican Cuisine Fresh Limes Design Square WallclocksLime Green Music Note Personalized Wall ClockBokeh Green Lime Round WallclocksGerbera Daisy Block Print - lime green Square WallclockMojito Wall ClocksRustic Weathered Green Woodgrain Photograph Wall ClockLime Green Geometric Ikat Tribal Print Pattern Wall ClockPastel Lime Green Yellow Retro Mosaic Pattern Wallclock

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What is an Ammeter?

What is an Ammeter?

AmmeterAn ammeter is an instrument that measures the current in an electric circuit. The principle that governs the operation of the ammeter was discovered in 1820 by the Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted, who found that a compass needle is deflected when it is placed near a current-carrying conductor. In 1882, Jacques Arsene d'Arsonval of France devised a moving-coil, permanent-magnet galvanometer similar to the ammeter now most commonly in use.

The moving-coil ammeter consists of a horseshoe-shaped permanent magnet, a moving coil, hairsprings, a pointer, and a scale. The movable coil of fine wire is suspended in a cylindrical air gap between the permanent-magnet poles.

This lightweight coil is pivoted on bearings so that only a small force is required to rotate it. The hairsprings, which are attached to the coil structure, establish the static, no-current position of the coil. The pointer, which is attached to the coil, moves over a calibrated scale to display the meter reading in units of amperes.

Direct current (d-c) passing through the coil produces a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent-magnet field. This interaction produces a torque that drives the coil against the hairsprings. The pointer stabilizes when the magnetic force is balanced by the spring force.

In most ammeters the pointer deflection is directly proportional to the coil current. For measuring alternating current (a-c), moving-coil ammeters have a rectifier that converts a-c to d-c. Many commercial ammeters are designed for both a-c and d-c measurements.

An ammeter can measure a wide range of currents because it has a device that allows only a portion of the current to pass through the coil. In d-c ammeters a shunt is used for this function; a-c ammeters use a current transformer.

Besides the moving-coil ammeter, there are moving-vane, electrodynamometer, and hot-wire types of ammeters. These types are used mainly for a-c measurements. Where a-c measurements must be made and it is not practical to open the circuit, clamp-on ammeters are used.

Technicians use ammeters to measure the current drain of household appliances to determine that the capacity of house lines is adequate and to troubleshoot household appliances.

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Unique Steel and Wood Maps for Home Decor

Unique Steel and Wood Maps for Home Decor

Decorative Steel Wall Map

If you are looking for something interesting and a bit out of the ordinary to add to your home's wall decor, consider using unique steel and wood maps. The wood brings somewhat of a natural and outdoor element into the home, while the steel provides a more contemporary look. Choose whichever fits in with your decorating style or take a chance on trying something new.

Custom Wood Map

Choose a wood map in any of the states within the United States to add to your wall decor. These maps are cut in the shape of the specified state from a rustic looking piece of wood. A heart can be added to a particular location within the chosen state. Choice of heart in a whole or distressed look, or you can order with no heart. (Be sure to select desired heart option when ordering.) Each map is created from local milled pine wood from Maine. The artist does a hand painted , water based stain over a dark stained wood and hand distresses the item. It is finished with a hand rubbed finishing paste for preservation. Each state map has the approximate dimensions of 10 inches by 10 inches and is around 1.5 inches deep. Includes hanging hardware. Would look great in a den or family room or perhaps above a fireplace mantel.

10x10 Distressed Wood Pennsylvania Map10x10 Distressed Wood Pennsylvania Map

Woodcut Maps

This map can be made to represent Chicago, IL or nine other locations including San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Boston/Cambridge, MA, Paris, France, Hawaii, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, CA. Product can be customized by choosing from twelve wood colors to represent landscapes, twelve wood options to represent parks, twelve wood options to represent roads, twelve to represent parks, and twelve to represent water. Frames choices include light, medium, auburn, and dark, or no frame. Looks great on any wall decor and adds a unique focal point to any room. Makes a great addition to any room where the family gathers.

Chicago, IL by Woodcut MapsChicago, IL by Woodcut Maps

Natural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USA

This is a custom made, laser cup map of the USA made from one quarter inch birch plywood. Map measures approximately 24 inches by 15 inches. Securely holds 94 of your favorite beer caps. Comes pre-drilled and ready to hang. This would make a terrific addition to your home wall decor, especially when displayed in a bar area. Makes for a lively conversation piece while enjoying a brew with your buddies. Available in either natural or dark walnut stained finish.

Natural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USANatural Birch Plywood Beer Cap Map of USA

5" X 7" Stainless Steel Cut Maps

Each map is cut from a single piece of 5 inch by 7 inch stainless steel and comes ready to display is a classic black frame. There are 66 locations to choose from, including Atlanta, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Edmonton, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and more. These maps have a unique look that fits in well with almost any home decor. Display the location of your choice, perhaps the state you live in, the place you honeymoon, or a place you plan to someday visit while on vacation. Would look great in a home library or study, den, or family room.

55" X 7" Stainless Steel Cut Washington D.C. Map

Custom Wooden Wedding Guestbook

This is a very unique wood map that wedding guests sign with a felt pen instead of using a traditional paper guest book. Choose from any state in the United States. The state will measure approximately 24 inches and is around one half inch in depth. Depending upon your chosen state, either metal "O" rings or sawtooth hangers will come with the product for easy hanging. A wooden heart is placed over the area of your choice (most likely the place you will marry or reside)with the hear customized with the couple's initials and wedding date.This is a handmade item consisting of wood, paint, and the artistry of Grace Graffiti. Choose the custom text for the first and second initials to be included on the heart, and choose the custom date. Choose heart color from 43 color options, and select text color from among 47 choices. Select your state and pick from 43 color options for the wood, then choose the location for the heart to be placed. This will make a fabulous wedding keepsake that you will proudly display in your home and treasure for years to come. Use as wall decor in a prominent place in the home for all to see, in a living room or above a fireplace mantel. Makes a great focal point and conversation piece.

Custom Washington State Wooden Wedding GuestbookCustom Washington State Wooden Wedding Guestbook

Steel & Wood Maps for Decor

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Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornament | Limited Edition | Annual Edition

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornament | Limited Edition | Annual Edition

Collectible Limited Edition Swarovski Christmas Ornaments

2012 Swarovski Crystal OrnamentThere aren't too many things more beautiful than the sparkle of real Swarovski crystal, and that is doubly true when you are talking about Christmas ornaments. The company are probably the most famous for making several regular Christmas ornaments, and then they produce limited edition ones for Christmas . Each year they come out with just a few unique ornaments with the year engraved and added especially for collectors.

My favorites are the yearly Snowflake ornaments, so I have highlighted them here. These are limited edition which means once they are sold out, you can only buy them from outside distributors or collectors. These are truly stand-out items, that add so much to any Christmas tree, and can be passed down as keepsakes for generations.

The Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament is an outstanding addition to the collection. And you don't have to pack it away after Christmas. Just hang it from an ornament stand near a window to admire the prism like qualities of the crystal. The cut crystal facets of Swarovski crystal make it almost wondrous to look upon, bringing a smile to everyone who sees it.

2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

2011 Annual Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Swarovski Crystal Angel Collectible

2012 Swarovski Crystal Angel OrnamentIn addition to the annual limited edition snowflake ornament collection, Swarovski also makes an annual collectible crystal Angel ornament collection. These ornaments blend well with the snowflake ornaments. Each ornament shows an angel in a completely different style and position, some are flying, some standing.

These are specifically Swarovski Christmas angels, and to the right you can see a picture of the Swarovski 2012 Angel Ornament Annual Edition.

Limited Editions for the last few years

Swarovski Annual Edition 2014 Crystal Snowflake OrnamentSwarovski 2013 Annual Edition Crystal Star OrnamentSwarovski 2014 Annual Edition Ball Ornament

Swarovski Crystal and Gold Star Tree Topper

To top off your Swarovski decorated Christmas tree, you may want to add the Swarovski crystal and gold star Christmas tree topper. This Christmas tree topper can also be used as a freestanding decoration with a stand.

The Swarovski tree topper creates the illusion of shooting stars creating sparkling light in several directions, which is perfect for a twinkly light filled tree topper. The Swarovski crystal and gold star tree topper gives you the magical feeling that you should have on a Christmas Eve.

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More Swarovski Crystal Ornament

Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake OrnamentSwarovski 2006 Annual Snowflake / Star Christmas Ornament

Swarovski Crystal Ornaments Make Great Gifts

Ornaments made by the Swarovski company make terrific Christmas gifts for anyone that you know who likes crystals, Christmas, sparkle, or glass. These are collectible ornaments whose value continues to grow with age, and that you can easily enjoy for years to come.

Some collectors keep their collection in a special cabinet all year, then take them out to decorate their Christmas tree. After all, why box them up when you can look at them all year round?

These collectibles come very well packed for shipping or gift giving. You can feel safe packing your gift in your suitcase to take out of town or shipping it to a family member or friend. Each gift is packed in a special box or tube that is lined with a dense foam shaped to fit the ornament or figurine. Swarovski is truly a company that you can trust with the exquisitely beautiful designs that they make.

Older Swarovski Annual Snowflake Ornaments

Swarovski 2003 Annual Edition OrnamentSwarovski 2004 Annual Christmas Snowflake / Star OrnamentS872200: SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL 2007 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTSwarovski Christmas Ornament Annual Edition 2008

Swarovski Crystal Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for unique corporate gifts for clients, employees, or vendors? If you are, then Swarovski limited edition Christmas ornaments make an excellent choice because of the unique quality of each piece, their easy packing and shipping, and the status and excellence of the Swarovski name and history.

These are one of a kind gifts that can be bought in small, medium, or large quantities, and if you want, you can choose Swarovski gifts at different price points depending on the amount you are looking to spend on each corporate gift.

Swarovski collectibles also make wonderful gifts for family reunions or other family gatherings, as well as motivational and spiritual retreats as a gift that the participants can keep for a lifetime that will bring back many wonderful memories.

Swarovski Christmas ornaments are available right now, and this is a good time to get a special deal on them. Don't wait to buy these special Christmas gifts.

Get a Bargain on Swarovski Crystal Ornaments on Ebay

2018 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 5301575
2018 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 5301575 $16.88
Time Remaining: 1d 3h 14m
Buy It Now for only: $16.88
Buy It Now
2018 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 5301575
2018 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 5301575 $85.99
Time Remaining: 11d 30m
Buy It Now for only: $85.99
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Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition 1996 Annual Large Size Snowflake Ornament
Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition 1996 Annual Large Size Snowflake Ornament $200.00
Time Remaining: 5d 8h 1m
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2019 5427990 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT
2019 5427990 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake ANNUAL EDITION LARGE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT $59.00
Time Remaining: 28d 20h 57m
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Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament 2018 Crystal Snowflake Christmas
Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament 2018 Crystal Snowflake Christmas $39.50
Time Remaining: 26d 8h 40m
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Swarovski Crystal Large Christmas Snowflake 2017 Annual Edition Ornament 5257589
Swarovski Crystal Large Christmas Snowflake 2017 Annual Edition Ornament 5257589 $52.75
Time Remaining: 28d 5h 26m
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Article publié pour la première fois le 06/08/2013