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Collectible Novelty Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Collectible Novelty Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Collectible Novelty Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Many people like to collect items related to owls. Who doesn't love owls, with their majestic beauty, large eyes, and look of all knowing wisdom? If you happen to be an owl lover and collector, one of the items that is really fun to add to your collection are salt and pepper shaker sets, both new and vintage, featuring your favorite bird of prey. Here we take a look at some of the cute novelty owl salt and pepper shakers available that are worthy of adding to your personal collection.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

This cute little shaker set stands 2.75 inches high and are made of white ceramic, which almost has the look of old fashioned milk glass. Although pure white, these pieces are still highly detailed, with distinct feathers, wings, feet, eyes, ears, and beak. Shakers look very similar to each other, with each standing in a slightly different pose from the other. Makes a great addition to any owl collection or table setting.

Ceramic Owls Salt & Pepper ShakerCeramic Owls Salt & Pepper Shaker

Bundled-Up Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This cute set includes two pure white ceramic shakers along with a small white plate upon which to rest them when not in use. These owls are all ready for cold weather with their knitted stocking caps in place (not actual knitted pieces, but textured into the ceramics). Would make great table decor for a winter or even holiday themed table setting. Shakers measure 2 inches high. While item is currently out of stock, the website has a feature that allows you to be notified when product is back in stock.

Owl Salt and Pepper ShakersOwl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker

Try something a little different for your novelty owl collection with these fun, stackable owls. Made from earthenware, these shakers are hand painted with embossed details and can be hand washed. Set comes packaged in an acetate box and rubber stoppers are included. Small owl measures 2.13 inches high by 2 inches wide, by 2 inches in diameter. Large owl measures 2.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide, by 2.5 inches in diameter.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker

Couple Owls Salt and Pepper Set

These adorable hand painted ceramic owls can be hand washed and measure 3 inches high by 2 inches wide. Both owls features white stomachs and yellow feet and beaks. One owl is blue and the other is red. This cute pair would make a great addition to any owl collection or table setting.

Couple Owls Salt and Pepper Set

So Flappy Together Shaker Set

This is a vintage set of novelty owl shaker collectibles that dates back to the 1970's. Shakers comes with removable rubber stoppers and measure 3 inches high. Hand washing is recommended. Cute little brown owls have details etched into them and the eyes are black with painted red area white a white circle around them. One owl is leaning into the other one as if anticipating a kiss.

So Flappy Together Shaker Set

Vintage Wise Pairing Shaker Set

Keep both your salt and pepper handy at all times with this great vintage set of two amber colored owls that are joined together. Tip the pair from side to side, with one side dispensing pepper and the other side salt. This piece dates back to the 1970's. Owls are joined at the hip and head, with a handy circle in the middle to allow users to grasp the shakers firmly. Measures around 4.25 inches high.

Vintage Wise Pairing Shaker Set

Winking Owls Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

An owl collector's dream, this lovely shaker set dates back to 1945. Made from ceramic pottery, these shakers measure just over 3 inches tall. Owls are a creamy off white color and have a peach coloring around the eyes. Brown painted beak and feet details and blue and black eyes. Each owl is winking, with one eye shut, as owls often do. Looks like something you might remember from Grandma's dinner table as a small child. Super cute collectible!

Winking Owls Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Vintage Chubby Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shaker set hails from the 1960's, making them a true vintage find. Made from ceramic material, these owls are quite chubby, with off white painted bellies and faces, with brown feathers everywhere else. An orange-rust color is around the eyes. Chubby little bellies will hold a lot of salt and pepper.

Vintage Chubby Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Handmade Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adorable owls are from Ceramics by Lisa's Etsy shop. She has a whole section of ceramic owl home accessory pieces including these salt and pepper shakers. There are also figurines, planters and business card holders in owl shape.

 White and Mint Green Sea Mist Green Dark Blue and Parchment Dark Blue and Celedon Spring Green

Novelty Owl Salt and Pepper Sets from Amazon

 Floral Salt and Pepper Harvest Owl Salt/Pepper Hootie Cutie Owl Autumn Owl Salt/Pepper Owl Salt and Pepper Owl in Tree Porcelain Owl Owl in Pumpkin Whimsical Halloween Whimsical Owl Yellow and Green Owl Cozy Owls Magnetic Christmas Owls Magnetic Stylized Owl Turquoise Blue Owl Owl Salt/Pepper Retro Owl Ceramic Lenox Fine China Salt/Pepper Shakers Wise Owl Figurine Snowy Owls Set All Owl's Eve Pewter Owl Purple Owl Set Almond Owl Set kate spade owl set BHG Owl Set Owl Ceramic Set Ganz Woodsy Owl Cute Owl Set Owls Ceramic Set Big Sky Carvers

I just love these cute Collectible Novelty Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers. These make great housewarming gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas.

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Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf! If you haven't been paying attention to the trends in home decor, you may not realize that the pouf is back in town. When I was in high school, lots of people had these along with bean bag chairs. I even had a bean bag chair in my room. Poufs are a softer version of an ottoman, and are great for a bit of added color as well as emergency seating. Kids love them because they have give and are comfortable to sit on for short periods of time. Poufs come in every material and color you can think of. Generally they do not match the furniture, instead they stand out to offer a pop of color. Since they are small, they don't take up much floor space and can be tucked in a closet or under a bench.

As you can see on this page, they come in lots of materials, designs and shapes. All of the poufs pictured on this page are available in at least one other color. You can click through the links to get to the product page for pricing, dimensions and color choices. Don't you think you are missing out? Get a load of these poufs today!

Lorna PoufLorna Pouf

Maricela Fuzzy Pouf OttomanMaricela Fuzzy Pouf Ottoman

Odin Sphere PoufOdin Sphere Pouf

Carolos PoufCarolos Pouf

Studded PoufStudded Pouf

Krish Eyelash PoufKrish Eyelash Pouf

Morrow PoufMorrow Pouf


Personalize These Poufs

Shabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers green round poufShabby flowers green round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufShabby flowers blue round poufShabby flowers blue round poufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufShabby flowers red round poufShabby flowers red round poufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufPink Pale Floral PoufPink Pale Floral PoufVintage old rose poufVintage old rose poufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube PoufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube Pouf

Abra Cadabra and Pouf

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Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Your Home

Spring is a time of renewal, of leaving the gray days of winter behind and looking forward to brighter, sunny days with colorful trees and flowers in bloom all around. Spring brings to mind thoughts of butterflies, flowers, birds, and bright colors. To bring a little bit of spring into your home, try using a colorful centerpiece to liven up your table. Here are some cute ideas for spring centerpieces offered from Amazon, as well as a few really great do it yourself centerpiece ideas and tutorials for creating your own table decor to brighten your home.

Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

As far as spring centerpieces go, you can never go wrong with butterflies. This cute butterfly centerpiece would look good at a party table or on the dining room or coffee table. Colorful hues of purple, pink, orange, and yellow remind us that winter is over and spring has arrived. This is an easy to assemble piece with tiers of foil ribbons, die-cut flowers, and a cube base. When assembled, piece measures 10 inches by 10 inches tall, with base measuring 3.75 inches.

 Creative Converting Butterfly Sparkle Mini Foil Cascade Centerpiece

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Sure to brighten up your table, this daisy candle holder captures the bright colors of spring and also adds ambience. Garden style candle wreath comes in shades of orange, yellow and green daisies tucked in throughout. The candle wreath is 15"D and fits a 6" candle (not included). The candle wreath is the size of a small wall wreath and can be used as such. These wreaths have all wired stems and will require some very basic shaping upon arrival.

 Orange and Yellow Daisy Mini Flower Candle Rings

Partridge Branch Motif Tealight Candle Holder

What better way to remind yourself that spring is here that to decorate your table with this lovely bird nest centerpiece? Made from iron, polyresin, acrylic, and glass, this piece is shaped like a branch with leaves and flower blossoms. A bird sits on a small branch and the nest holds a round glass candle holder which holds a tealight candle. The entire piece is done in warn earth tones to blend well into any decor. Centerpiece measures 8.8 inches by 4.8 inches by 4.8 inches.

 Gifts & Decor Partridge Nest Branch Tealight Candle Holder

7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

This beautiful vase is made from 100% recyclable glass in a beautiful purple jewel tone color that just shouts "spring". Features graceful curves that look stunning when filled with flowers or used as a candle holder. Place a bouquet of spring flowers in the vase for use as an attractive floral centerpiece on the dining table, fireplace mantel, or anywhere else in the home that needs some brightening. Vase measures 7 inches high and 4 inches in diameter.

 7 Inch Royal Purple Glass Orchids Centerpiece

Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

This is both an elegant and functional piece that features a lovely blue hydrangea arrangement along with green foliage and flower buds. Glass candle holder is in the middle of the centerpiece. Flowers and foliage look very realistic, so it feels as if you're bringing a touch of spring right into the home. Piece measures 18 inches by 16 inches by 9 inches.

 Hydrangea Candelabrum Decorative Centerpiece

DIY Glowing Spring Centerpiece for under $25

Interested in creating your own spring centerpieces? This tutorial video shows you how to create a lovely spring table centerpiece using a large cylinder vase, a smaller cylinder vase to go inside of the larger one, a pillar candle, and fresh flowers. Super easy to make, and the look can be changed whenever you feel like it by adding new fresh flowers.

Making A Spring Centerpiece (DIY)

Create this beautiful centerpiece with an iron candle holder, artificial pastel eggs, fuzzy chicks, polished river pebbles, brown excelsior, piece of burlap, and craft moss. Items are used to create the look of greenery with bird nests, birds, and eggs. Clear glass pillar candle holders are used to hold river pebbles and water. Add cut fresh tulips to candle holders to create lovely decoration that brings in all the elements of spring and nature. This would be a perfect table accent for Easter, or really just for any spring day.

Shabby Chic Candle and Earthenware Table Centerpiece

This is a three piece set that features one ceramic water pitcher, one ceramic pedestal, and one ceramic pot. Set also includes four 18 inch lavender sprays, one 4 inch lavender flower candle ring, one LED mosaic glass/wax candle and two C batteries. LED candle can be set with an eight hour timer and gives off pretty purple, silver, and green flickers. Pitcher measures six inches, pot measure seven inches, and pedestal measures four by five inches. Makes a great accent piece for a large dining room table or fireplace mantle. Fits in perfect with any vintage or shabby chic style decor.

 Lavender Garden - Shabby Chic Candle & Earthenware Table Centerpiece

Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

This colorful centerpiece features beautiful plush, pastel petals, foliage, and delicate buds. Peonies come in a variety of springtime colors such as orange, white, peach, pink, and purple. Flowers sit on top of an arrangement of intertwined twigs. Piece measures 34 inches long. Brings a touch of spring into the room and compliments any decor.

 Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

DIY Ideas for Table Centerpieces : Home Staging

This video tutorial gives suggestions for creating spring centerpieces based upon the size of the table you're working with. The decorator also offers suggestions about how to place the centerpiece and arrange it so everyone around the table has a nice view. Several ideas are shown for mixing and matching various pieces to create a perfect tablescape that includes elements of nature and other objects. Using height variations in your centerpiece is also discussed, along with grouping several items together to create a centerpiece. Keep in mind that a few of these items used are fall themes, which could easily be substituted with spring items such as bird houses, bird nests, etc.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Decor and Gifts

Nightmare Before Christmas Decor and Gifts

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Town Lagoon Sculpture with Lights and Music by Hawthorne Village

Featured: Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Town Lagoon Sculpture with Lights and Music by Hawthorne Village

If you're a fan of Jack Skellington, Sally, and the other characters from the 1993 Tim Burton classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll be happy to know that there are a variety of unique gift giving ideas that feature this movie theme. From jewelry to household holiday decor, there is certainly something for everyone on your list. Here we take a look at some of the Nightmare Before Christmas gifts available.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Town Lagoon Sculpture with Lights and Music by Hawthorne Village

This great collectible display features several handcrafted buildings from Halloween Town that have a cool black light effect. This item is available from Hawthorne Village and includes separate issues that include both building, figurine, and accessories. As you build your collection issue by issue, you will end up with figurines of Jack Skellington, Zero, Dr. Finklestein, the Mayor and his car, Sally, and the illuminating black light fixtures that make your town stand out from other collectible villages. Village buildings include Jack's house, Dr. Finklestein's Lab, and more. This is a great gift for anyone who collects villages. Makes a great decoration for both Halloween and Christmas. The pieces in this set are suitable for ages fourteen and over.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Custom Hoodie

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Custom Hoodie For the female Nightmare Before Christmas fan on your gift giving list, this cotton blend custom hoodie makes the perfect gift. Front designs features the yellow full moon with the Jack Skellington character standing against it. Front zipper also features a Jack Skellington metallic zipper pull. Back of jacket features a colorful design of all of Halloween Town and its characters. Jacket has a soft jersey lined hood, knit cuffs and hem, side seam pockets, and conventional collar. Sizes are available from small to 3X large. Jacket is hand washable. This is a great gift for both Nightmare Before Christmas fans and is also a practical gift for keeping warm and fashionable on chilly days and evenings.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Quilted Handbag

"Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" Quilted Handbag This quilted handbag features a colorful image of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, including Shock, Barrel, Lock, Jack Skellington, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and an image of Jack and Sally silhouetted against Spiral Hill. This is the perfect gift for female fans of the movie of all ages, making both a fashion statement and providing a useful handbag, all the while boasting their love of their favorite movie. Handbag is made from high quality soft twill fabric and measures 11 inches wide by 10 and 1/2 inches high. Strap measure 60 inches long and can be adjusted for a proper fit. This crossbody bag also has a metallic Jack Skellington charm hanging from the zipper. Imagine the delight when a true fan opens this attractive bag on Christmas morning!

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Anniversary Set

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Anniversary Set This is s limited edition piece of 1,993 pieces total. One sculpture in this set features Jack Skellington on his sleigh with his skeleteam of reindeer with Zero flying in the lead. The other sculpture features Cemetery Hill with music, and lights that shows a silhouette of Jack in his sleigh flying over Christmas Town. This piece is the perfect addition for anyone who has the black light village Nightmare Before Christmas set, or for anyone who likes to collect and display villages during the holidays. Jack in his Sandy Claws suit driving his green sleigh will bring a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor and makes a great fan collectible piece. Each sculpture is handcrafted from artist's resin and is then meticulously hand painted for accuracy to details. This limited edition is part of the 20th anniversary pieces celebrating twenty years of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

More Nightmare Before Christmas Home Decor Gifts

 Cuckoo Clock: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Clock Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Rotating Musical Carousel Sculpture: Lights Up Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Glow In The Dark Wall Sculpture Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Masterpiece Pumpkin Sculpture by The Bradford Exchange

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How to Hunt for and Find Antiques – Tips

How to Hunt for and Find Antiques – Tips

The summer is a great time to hunt for and find antiques. It is easy to get around and you can find more garage sales and house sales as well as shop at stores.

Search for the Perfect Antique Collectible for Your Home

When shopping for antiques, it is important to have some type of plan in order to make sure that you find the special items you are seeking and to get a fair price on them.

Antique shopping can be done purely for fun, with no particular treasure in mind. But, if you do have something particular in mind, it pays to do a bit of research prior to hitting the various venues in which you can find antiques.

Finding antiques is half the battle, and a large part of the fun is the experience itself. Here are some helpful tips and advice to make your antique hunting go smoothly and be successful.

Know Where To Look

Each shop has a specialty

To get the best antique finds, it is important to know where to shop. Obvious choices are antique malls and flea markets, or even pawn shops. These places are usually packed with hundreds of interesting and
unique items, many of which may be antiques. The trick when visiting one of these venues is to know how to spot an antique amidst the masses of other items.

The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping: Insider Tips, Helpful Hints, Hip Shops

Other places that can prove to be fruitful when shopping for antiques are garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops. Most garage sales are listed in the local newspapers, and many include a brief listing of the types of items that will be for sale. In the case of estate sales, these are usually announced to the public through an ad in the local newspaper. Much like with garage sales, there is typically a list of items that will be offered. If the estate in question belonged to an older person, chances are you may find some antique items that have been around through generations of their family. Thrift shops are also terrific places to find that special something. People donate anything and everything to places such as Goodwill, and you could just as easily stumble upon a fabulous bargain such as an antique sewing machine, for example, as you could an everyday used mass market paperback novel. Many times these jewels are hidden among the furniture and home decor section along with more modern items.

Old French Furniture

Old French Furniture

Antique Fairs, Antique Shops, and Online Shops

Antique fairs are also very good places to find bargains. If you see an item you are especially interested in, but the seller is asking too much for it, consider paying them a visit later in the day during your antique shopping. Chances are if the seller is about to pack up and it is the last day of the sale, he or she may be willing to make a deal with you on the asking price. Let them know you're willing to take the piece off their hands and save them the trouble of having to pack it up if they only come down a notch on the price.

Small, locally owned antique shops are also fun to shop in, and many times have great bargains. This is also a great way to get to know the shopkeeper and become comfortable asking questions or discussing antiques with them, while at the same time benefiting a local business.

Last but not least, online sites such as Ebay also have a lot of antique pieces to offer. Just make certain to read the information the seller lists very carefully. Inspect all photos thoroughly before bidding or using a "buy it now" option. If you have any questions or concerns at all about the item, by all means, contact the seller before committing to the purchase or bid. Be wary of terms such as "style". For instance, a "Buco style" vintage motorcycle helmet may not be the genuine article, but something similar.

Antique Finds: Just one perfect find can make a room

Know What You are Searching for

Narrow down your search parameters

If searching for a special find, do some research before shopping for antiques. Gaining knowledge about the item of interest will provide you with the information you need to decide if the item is the real deal or a replica, as well as letting you know what condition to expect from the item, and what a fair price range might be. There are several guides that list prices of all types of antiques that can be very useful references. One such guide is Kovel's Buyer's Price Guide.

 Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2015 Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2015 Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2015 Price Guide

You may wish to purchase a printed guide to bring with you on your shopping adventures, or you could use an online site and then print the needed information to take with you as you are finding antiques during shopping.

There is also a wealth of information available at your local library, online, or through printed materials, that can guide you in the right direction during your antique shopping. Also, if you happen to be searching for something very specific, for example, antique period furniture, search specifically for that category of antiques. By searching for something very specific, you will acquire more detailed information about the item you desire, as opposed to just doing a broader search about antiques in general.

Antique wooden armchair

Antique wooden armchair

Inspect the Item Thoroughly

Do your research ahead of time

If you are considering purchasing something very important to you, or that carries a hefty price tag, then make sure you're getting the deal you think you are. This is especially true when purchasing online from Ebay, Craigslist, etc., as mentioned previously.

If you are inspecting an item in person, look for any damage to the item or for any missing pieces or parts. Obviously, in dealing with antiques, the object is not going to be perfect. With some antiques, the normal wear and tear actually add charm and character to the item, and may actually be the "look" you are seeking. However, if you are considering these antique finds based solely on how valuable it is, be extremely careful when inspecting it. Look for any repairs that have been made to the item, as this will decrease its value. Check for any parts that may not be original. Be cautious when finding an item that seems in such great condition for its age that it almost seems to good to be true. The fact of the matter is, you may have just discovered a replica of an antique, not an actual genuine antique. Just be certain you are aware of the fact that an item is simply a replica before purchasing it, as it will be of nowhere near the value of the real thing.

American Pickers Searching for Antiques in Backyards and Barns

 Big Bear

If you are an Amazon prime member, you can take advantage of many instant videos like this one for free where you can learn a lot about antiques and where to find them. American Pickers is a show about two men who make a living searching for vintage and antique items. They travel around the United States in search of the right pick.

Enjoy the Journey

Antique shopping and collecting is a truly enjoyable hobby. It may even be able to bring you some extra income if you know what to look for. Buying something at a true bargain and selling it for much more is quite possible if you know what you are doing. Most of all, just have fun with it and enjoy seeking out these wonderful pieces of the past to make them a part of your present and future.

Antique Collecting: Costume Jewelry at Garage Sales

An Introduction to Antique Books

How to Hunt for and Find Antiques - Tips


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Recycled Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Recycled Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

One of the most exciting trends in the last few years has been the surge of designers using recycled and reclaimed products in their work. Using recycled products is a great way to help keep the landfills from overflowing, save money and still get great products for your home. One the most fascinating niches in the recycling industry is the reclaiming of wood from demolition done in major cities with old factories, warehouses, public buildings and schools that were built when solid wood was cheap and used for just about everything--furniture, framing buildings, flooring and more.

Reclaimed wood is gathered by construction companies who work with city demolition companies hand in hand. The demolition has to be done more carefully to get the wood in good condition. This type of work is called deconstruction because much of the building is picked apart piece by piece. However, the resulting reclamation can turn up lots of solid wood for building projects.

Coffee tables are a great way to use the reclaimed wood. You can see the unique grain and color of the wood, and depending on the designer, get a traditional style table or something one-of-a-kind. Many of these projects are made-to-order, so that the customer can get a piece that fits their space precisely.

Here are a collection of beautiful reclaimed-wood coffee tables (and a couple dining tables) that have been made by independent craftsmen around the United States.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Table by Tiny Lions Designs

This coffee table is built in a Mid-Century Modern design and stained for color. Tiny Lions Designs makes it to order in the size and color you want. Based in New Orleans, this designer adds bright colors to many of the designs. All are done in a Mid-Century style.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Rustic Ridge Table Company

The table pictured above is a sample of the custom coffee tables built to order by designer Rustic Ridge Table Company in Nashville, TN. Each table ordered will look somewhat like this image, but unique since they are built by hand one at a time. The wood comes from old pallets and old fencing to make this design. Legs are made from iron pipes.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Wrafterbuilt

Made in Buffalo, NY, this table was designed from wood deconstructed from a house in the area. All of the work from Wrafterbuilt is made from reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Wood Coffee Table by Unique Industry

This reclaimed wood table is so very cool. Made from the wood from an old printer drawer, it is decorative and functional. The drawer can be used to display collectibles. Made by Unique Industry in Boston. This designer creates pieces with wood inlay that are really incredible. Take a look at this Navaho Design Coffee Table. Amazing!

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableRecycled Wood Dining Table by Sand E Collectibles

This is a dining table. Told you I snuck one in here. This wood table made from recycled materials that are environmentally friendly. The table is custom made with the unique nature of reclaimed wood. It has a rustic look and can be flat packed and shipped to you once complete. They also made tables and other furniture designed to your specifications.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableRustic Coffee Table by Doorman Designs

This lovely rustic coffee table is made from New Orleans wood that comes from buildings damaged in Hurricane Katrina. Many homes were destroyed during that hurricane but the wood from them is being used in all of Doorman Designs reclaimed wood products. This particular wood is called Barge Board which you can read all about when you click through to see more pictures of this design.

Recycled Wood Coffee Table with ShelfReclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf by Plateau Metal

I love the mixture of metal and wood in this table. It has the rustic feel from the wood with a more industrial style because of the metal shelf. It can be used in so many different types of decor because of the dichotomy of styles. This table is made from cedar in Sammamish, WA.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableReclaimed Coffee Table by Perfect 45 Degree

This table looks like it is made from a cross-section of wood from the center of a tree. The colors are magnificent. Designed and built in Portland, Oregon, the Douglas Fir wood gives the table a lovely color and grain. Legs come off for easy shipping and transporting.

Reclaimed Wood Dining TableReclaimed Wood Dining Table by Perfect 45 Degree

Another table by Perfect 45 Degree, this is the second dining table on this page. You can see why I had to include it though. Such a unique design. Also made from Douglas Fir, this table has a completely different style from the one above. The designer incorporates Cherry and other hardwoods into the design for accents. You can click on the link above to see all of the designs from Perfect 45 Degree.

As you can see, there are many variations on tables that are built from reclaimed wood. Some of the variations are from the wood itself and how it has fared before reaching the designer. If you are looking to add furniture pieces with character to your home, this is a great place to start.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

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Dragonfly Wall Art

Dragonfly Wall Art


Decorate with Beautiful Dragonfly Wall Art

For anyone who loves the delicacy of dragonflies, these gorgeous dragonfly wall art pieces would make a wonderful addition to your home decor. I've picked out a selection of my favorites to share with you. Any one piece would make a great decor accent in any room or pick out a group to create the look you want. These can be used in any room of the house.

These also make great gifts for any occasion. If you are looking for a special gift for a special person you will find something here to suit every taste and every budget. Scroll through to enjoy this online shopping experience.

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Metal Wall Decor Dragonfly Sculptures

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Dragonfly facts

  • Dragonflies are insect who belong to the order Odonata. Experts divide them into three sub-species: the largest true dragonflies called Anisoptera, the smaller damselfly called Zygoptera and Anisozygoptera which seems to be a combination of the first two.
  • They are easily recognisable as having large eyes, small antennae, slim segmented bodies, and 4 thin membranous wing in sets of 2. In dragonflies the rear pair of wings become broader at the base. Damselfly wings are all the same size.
  • Dragonfly eyes are set together close to the top of the head and they can see all around them. Damselflies eyes are situated slightly more to each side of the head.
  • They can vary in size from around 1 inch to 6 inches in some species.
  • So far something like 5680 different species of dragonfly have been recorded world-wide.
  • Dragonfly eyes are multifaceted. This means they can see in every direction - so they sense even tiny movements - all the better for hunting prey.
  • They eat mosquitos and other pests which makes them a great addition to your garden. Some people such as the Burmese, regularly release dragonfly nymphs into local water to keep down the population of mosquitoes.
  • The twin sets of wings gives the dragonflies the ability to fly in all sort of ways. They can hoover, fly fast or slow, even loop the loop. Their flying ability is one of the reasons they are so much fun to watch.

Dragonfly Prints and Wall Art

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Dragonfly Wall Art

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