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Make Money While Decluttering Your Home

Make Money While Decluttering Your Home

For most of us, there comes a time when it seems as if we’ve outgrown our homes because every closet is bursting at the seams and there is clutter in almost every room. Does this mean you’re a bad housekeeper? Usually not, it just means that over the years you’ve accumulated more and more possessions that are taking up valuable space. This can be especially true when raising children, as they are constantly outgrowing both clothing and toys, which continuously have to be replaced with age- and size-appropriate items. Even with adult-only households, every year we add clothes to our wardrobes which we no longer wear, and acquire a lot of books and magazines. Over time, this can make your home cluttered to the point where you feel like you no longer have enough space. There are some simple and effective ways to reduce the clutter, while at the same time putting cash back in your pocket. Here we offer some ideas on organizing and decluttering the home to help you reclaim your space.


Donating is a logical choice for clearing out many items, especially clothing. Thrift stores such as Goodwill are happy to accept a variety of items and many towns have drop boxes located in parking lots of businesses that will take clothing and shoe donations. Even worn out rubber soled shoes are generally accepted, because the rubber can be recycled to make soft rubber, kid-safe playground surfaces. Consider church organizations and domestic violence shelters too, as they may have need for clothing in various sizes for both genders. While you won’t make money by decluttering this way, you can claim donations as tax deductions. This is a great way to provide clothing to those in need and will also make extra room in your closets and dresser drawers.

Sell Your Used Clothing

Clothing that is no longer needed and just taking up space is a great way to earn some extra cash. By holding a garage sale, you can unload these items and make a few dollars in the process. You might also want to attempt selling your items through a consignment shop. If going this route, make sure to check with the store on their policies, as well as inquire what sizes and clothing brands they are willing to sell.

You can also sell unwanted clothing online. Using auction sites such as Ebay has proven to work well for many people, especially when selling brand name popular clothing items. Craigslist is also another popular online option for selling just about anything and everything. There are also several relatively new sites that allow users to sell clothing online from the comfort of your own home.

ThredUp accepts baby clothes, kids’ clothes, women’s clothing, shoes, and used purses. With this site, the user requests a “clean out bag” with a pre-paid shipping label that is sent to your home. Simply fill with your unwanted clothing items and send it back for review and payment. You also have the option of donating your earnings to charity. requires a bit more work on the part of the seller and offers payment in the form of Tradesy cash, or pay an extra fee to have the funds sent to a bank account or PayPal. This site deals with higher end merchandise such as designer brands. allows sellers to send in a box of items and accepts kids’ clothing and a variety of other items. This site also offers a guarantee that if your items don’t sell within 45 days, they will buy them from you.

Make Money from Your Old Books

If you’re an avid reader, chances are you’ve accumulate quite a few books through the years. If you’re looking to clean out your bookcases as part of your organizing and decluttering efforts, provides a great place to sell those used books and textbooks and make some cash. The site allows sellers to compare prices of 57 different book-buying websites so that you can determine where you’ll get the best price for your books. Below you can see an example of a book that I looked up and some of the results from the listed sites.



Bookscouter also has a sister site called Gadgetscouter. When you go to Bookscouter, you can see a link for Gadgetscouter in the sidebar. You can look your old gadgets up to see if anyone is buying them.

Garage Sales

Garage or rummage sales are not only a great way to sell old clothing, but everything else as well. Garage sales can be a great way to sell unused furniture, household goods, knick knacks, toys, games, appliances, computers, clothing, games, etc. If you are advertising larger ticket items, make sure to place an ad in the local paper that lists those. For example, list individual items such as “refrigerator, washing machine, clothing, and lots of miscellaneous.” Using keywords will attract buyers searching for that particular item. Keep prices on common items reasonable so that they will sell and be willing to negotiate.

Craigslist and Newspaper Ads

If you have larger items to sell, such as a television or piano (just a couple of examples), and don’t wish to hold a garage sale, advertise these items on Craigslist or place an ad in the local paper. Placing items under the proper category will attract interested buyers quickly and get the unwanted item out of the house as soon as possible. These items are generally anything too big to ship such as a couch. Make sure to get your payment in cash before the person takes the item.

Shredded paper

Recycle the Junk

Items such as old magazines, junk mail, and newspapers really pile up quickly. As part of your organizing efforts, every few weeks, go through all the junk mail, old bills, magazines, etc. and determine what you no longer need. Investing in a paper shredder is a great idea so that you can safely place these papers in the recycling bin. If your neighborhood does not have regular recycling pickup, check to see if there is a recycling facility where you can drop off these unwanted papers.

Participate in Recycling Programs

Items such as old tires and car batteries are not good to leave lying around and can really take up a lot of valuable space in the garage or shed. Many towns periodically hold an event where citizens can take and drop them off for proper recycling at no cost. Take advantage of these events to clear out a lot of clutter.

This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

How to Hunt for and Find Antiques – Tips

How to Hunt for and Find Antiques – Tips

The summer is a great time to hunt for and find antiques. It is easy to get around and you can find more garage sales and house sales as well as shop at stores.

Search for the Perfect Antique Collectible for Your Home

When shopping for antiques, it is important to have some type of plan in order to make sure that you find the special items you are seeking and to get a fair price on them.

Antique shopping can be done purely for fun, with no particular treasure in mind. But, if you do have something particular in mind, it pays to do a bit of research prior to hitting the various venues in which you can find antiques.

Finding antiques is half the battle, and a large part of the fun is the experience itself. Here are some helpful tips and advice to make your antique hunting go smoothly and be successful.

Know Where To Look

Each shop has a specialty

To get the best antique finds, it is important to know where to shop. Obvious choices are antique malls and flea markets, or even pawn shops. These places are usually packed with hundreds of interesting and
unique items, many of which may be antiques. The trick when visiting one of these venues is to know how to spot an antique amidst the masses of other items.

The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping: Insider Tips, Helpful Hints, Hip Shops

Other places that can prove to be fruitful when shopping for antiques are garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops. Most garage sales are listed in the local newspapers, and many include a brief listing of the types of items that will be for sale. In the case of estate sales, these are usually announced to the public through an ad in the local newspaper. Much like with garage sales, there is typically a list of items that will be offered. If the estate in question belonged to an older person, chances are you may find some antique items that have been around through generations of their family. Thrift shops are also terrific places to find that special something. People donate anything and everything to places such as Goodwill, and you could just as easily stumble upon a fabulous bargain such as an antique sewing machine, for example, as you could an everyday used mass market paperback novel. Many times these jewels are hidden among the furniture and home decor section along with more modern items.

Old French Furniture

Old French Furniture

Antique Fairs, Antique Shops, and Online Shops

Antique fairs are also very good places to find bargains. If you see an item you are especially interested in, but the seller is asking too much for it, consider paying them a visit later in the day during your antique shopping. Chances are if the seller is about to pack up and it is the last day of the sale, he or she may be willing to make a deal with you on the asking price. Let them know you’re willing to take the piece off their hands and save them the trouble of having to pack it up if they only come down a notch on the price.

Small, locally owned antique shops are also fun to shop in, and many times have great bargains. This is also a great way to get to know the shopkeeper and become comfortable asking questions or discussing antiques with them, while at the same time benefiting a local business.

Last but not least, online sites such as Ebay also have a lot of antique pieces to offer. Just make certain to read the information the seller lists very carefully. Inspect all photos thoroughly before bidding or using a “buy it now” option. If you have any questions or concerns at all about the item, by all means, contact the seller before committing to the purchase or bid. Be wary of terms such as “style”. For instance, a “Buco style” vintage motorcycle helmet may not be the genuine article, but something similar.

Antique Finds: Just one perfect find can make a room

Know What You are Searching for

Narrow down your search parameters

If searching for a special find, do some research before shopping for antiques. Gaining knowledge about the item of interest will provide you with the information you need to decide if the item is the real deal or a replica, as well as letting you know what condition to expect from the item, and what a fair price range might be. There are several guides that list prices of all types of antiques that can be very useful references. One such guide is Kovel’s Buyer’s Price Guide.

 Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2015 Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2015 Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2015 Price Guide

You may wish to purchase a printed guide to bring with you on your shopping adventures, or you could use an online site and then print the needed information to take with you as you are finding antiques during shopping.

There is also a wealth of information available at your local library, online, or through printed materials, that can guide you in the right direction during your antique shopping. Also, if you happen to be searching for something very specific, for example, antique period furniture, search specifically for that category of antiques. By searching for something very specific, you will acquire more detailed information about the item you desire, as opposed to just doing a broader search about antiques in general.

Antique wooden armchair

Antique wooden armchair

Inspect the Item Thoroughly

Do your research ahead of time

If you are considering purchasing something very important to you, or that carries a hefty price tag, then make sure you’re getting the deal you think you are. This is especially true when purchasing online from Ebay, Craigslist, etc., as mentioned previously.

If you are inspecting an item in person, look for any damage to the item or for any missing pieces or parts. Obviously, in dealing with antiques, the object is not going to be perfect. With some antiques, the normal wear and tear actually add charm and character to the item, and may actually be the “look” you are seeking. However, if you are considering these antique finds based solely on how valuable it is, be extremely careful when inspecting it. Look for any repairs that have been made to the item, as this will decrease its value. Check for any parts that may not be original. Be cautious when finding an item that seems in such great condition for its age that it almost seems to good to be true. The fact of the matter is, you may have just discovered a replica of an antique, not an actual genuine antique. Just be certain you are aware of the fact that an item is simply a replica before purchasing it, as it will be of nowhere near the value of the real thing.

American Pickers Searching for Antiques in Backyards and Barns

 Big Bear

If you are an Amazon prime member, you can take advantage of many instant videos like this one for free where you can learn a lot about antiques and where to find them. American Pickers is a show about two men who make a living searching for vintage and antique items. They travel around the United States in search of the right pick.

Enjoy the Journey

Antique shopping and collecting is a truly enjoyable hobby. It may even be able to bring you some extra income if you know what to look for. Buying something at a true bargain and selling it for much more is quite possible if you know what you are doing. Most of all, just have fun with it and enjoy seeking out these wonderful pieces of the past to make them a part of your present and future.

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