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Snow Plow or Electric Snow Shovel

Snow Plow or Electric Snow Shovel

Do You Shovel the Snow in Your Driveway?

Electric Snow ShovelIf you live in a climate that has all four seasons like I do, or even a climate that just has one and that one is winter, you spend a lot of time shoveling snow from your driveway and sidewalks every winter season.  Shoveling snow can be back breaking, exhausting work, and when the snow falls, it can fall for days, sometimes weeks on end, making snow removal very tiresome.

To make the task of shoveling snow easier, you can hire a snow plow service, but that can be expensive.  For moderate levels of snow, a snow blower or electric snow shovel are good options to clear your own driveway of snow, especially if your driveway is not too long.  Or you can buy a snow plow attachment for your own vehicle and clear your own driveway of snow, and even make some money by plowing the snow for your neighbors.

Whatever you plan to do to shovel snow, take care not to over extend yourself shoveling snow.  People die every year because they are not used to the level of exercise that is needed when shoveling a driveway with a manual shovel.

Electric Snow Shovels

Electric snow shovels are a good tool to have on hand for moderate snowfalls.  Electric snow shovels throw the snow, allowing you to clear your walkway, sidewalks, and driveway in a much faster amount of time than a manual shovel.  Electric snow shovels are small, so they are good for smaller spaces, and areas that you need to turn around quickly to clear the snow out.

Electric snow shovels do not take a lot of storage space, not too much more than a traditional snow shovel making them a good tool for cottages, condominiums, and apartments.

Electric Snow Shovel

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Snow Blowers Move More Snow

Snow blowers clear a wider and larger area more quickly of snow than an electric snow shovel.  A snow blower blows the cleared snow through a shoot further than most electric snow shovels, and works better in situations where you have a heavy snowfall.

Snow blowers also handle well in a driveway that already has snow piled up from previous snow plowing or blowing and will continue to clear the area of snow and pile it up on top of the previous piles.

Snow blowers do need more storage space than an electric snow shovel, so they are best if you have a shed or garage to put your show blower in.

Snow Blowers

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Plowing the Snow Yourself

The easiest way to clear your driveway quickly is with a snow plow.  Snow plows work best in areas that get regular heavy snowfalls each winter for an extended period of time.  You can buy a plow attachment for your vehicle, or you can hire a snow plow service.

If you buy a snow plow attachment for your own truck or vehicle, practice driving it in a parking lot where there is a lot of room before you go in and out of narrow driveways.  No need to plow right into your own or neighbor’s house.

Especially if you live on a farm, or in a rural area, a snow plow or a combination snow plow and another shovel are your best bet.  Snow plows, snow blowers and snow shovels can be purchased on eBay both new and used from reliable eBay sellers.  You can get parts for your snow plow also.  eBay sellers are rated by how many sales they have had and their feedback, so you can check other people’s experience before you buy on eBay.

You may find that a seller is right in your local area, and you can pick up the snow plow right from their store.

As to shoveling your own driveway by hand, I recommend saving the manual shovel for small jobs like clearing your front steps, and leaving the big jobs to your electric snow machines.

Traditional Snow Shovels

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Snow Plows

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