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Buy a Cast Iron Garden Sundial for Your Garden

Buy a Cast Iron Garden Sundial for Your Garden

A Cast Iron Sundial Makes a Statement

When planning a garden, we always have to think about when the various annuals and perennials will bloom, placement of the various flowers and shrubs, and where to place walkways and resting places in a garden. One of the most beautiful pieces that can highlight your garden plan is the placement of a cast iron sundial in a central location.

A cast iron sundial can be just a sundial which is beautiful in itself, but it can also include a bird bath to attract birds and other animals to watch. Sundials can be a garden’s center, to draw people there to sit and meditate peacefully on the beauty of nature.

Cast iron sundials are meant to withstand weather’s harshness year round, and can be purchased in many styles and finishes. A sundial for your garden is an investment, because your sundial will last many years bringing pleasure to all who see it.

Cast Iron Esschert Zodiac Sundial

Esschert Cast Iron SundialThis Esschert Cast Iron Sundial costs $39.95 plus shipping.  It is 11 x 11 x 14 inches in size, and is both functional and decorative.  The sundial has symbols of the zodiac imprinted in the cast iron, and will add style to your garden.

Esschert is a make of all kinds of outdoor products for home and garden.

Dragonfly Sundials

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Turtle Sundial

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Bird Bath/Bird Feeder Sundials

An outdoor cast iron sundial can be a combination bird bath or bird feeder as well as a sundial.  Sundials in the traditional sense keep time via the movement of the sun either on a hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

If you want to attract birds to your garden, then a bird bath or bird feeder type of sundial is what you should look for.  Many of the bird bath or bird feeder sundials have animal motifs or plant motifs to blend in more with the garden and have a fantasy appeal.

Animals are often picture or sculpted on sundials especially garden animals, birds, butterflies, turtles, rabbits, and squirrels.

Iron Sundial Pedestal

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Butterfly Iron Sundial

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Armillary Sundials

For a more traditional antique looking cast iron sundial, you can choose an armillary sundial.  Generally, you will have to buy the pedestal separately from the actual sundial itself which gives you some selection as to the height of the sundial or whether you would like the sundial to perch on a table or shelf instead of the traditional pedestal.

Iron Armillary Sundial

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Unique Sundials

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Garden Sundial

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Other Sundial Choices

Sundials can be made of any metal that will not rust, and therefore you can also find sundials made from aluminum, bronze, copper, and brass.  Copper is the most expensive, and therefore less available.  Aluminum is the least durable metal, and more lightweight.  It is cheaper but not the best choice.

If you are going to leave your sundial out all summer or all year, then you need to make sure to find a heavy durable metal sundial meant to be outside all year.  Part of your decision can be based on how the metal oxidizes in the outdoors over time.

Some sundials are painted, but I do not think that painted sundials are a good choice because you will have to continue painting them as the paint wears off.  The metals on their own will develop a beautiful patina in the outdoor garden.

Sun Moon Sundial

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Whimsical Sundials

Sundials can be plain and simple, or they can be whimsical.  The most whimsical have butterflies, and fairy creatures on them, and these are especially suitable if you are creating a fairy garden.  Whimsical sundials appeal to children because it is fun to find the various creatures in the garden.  You can also find matching garden statues to go with your cast iron sundial.

There are also funny sundials or hobbyist sundials.  One of my favorites is the golfer sundial below.  This a favorite of many golfers both men and women, and makes a great gift for Father’s Day.

If you are more traditional, the armillary sundial or calendar sundials are a better choice.  Watching the sun move across the sundial is a very peaceful occupation for any garden visitor.

A sundial should be a central point in your garden, so browse the choices available and choose the one that best fits your garden plan, and your budget.

Sun Clocks

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Golfer Sundial

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