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Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

Abra Cadabra and Pouf!

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Abra Cadabra and Pouf! If you haven't been paying attention to the trends in home decor, you may not realize that the pouf is back in town. When I was in high school, lots of people had these along with bean bag chairs. I even had a bean bag chair in my room. Poufs are a softer version of an ottoman, and are great for a bit of added color as well as emergency seating. Kids love them because they have give and are comfortable to sit on for short periods of time. Poufs come in every material and color you can think of. Generally they do not match the furniture, instead they stand out to offer a pop of color. Since they are small, they don't take up much floor space and can be tucked in a closet or under a bench.

As you can see on this page, they come in lots of materials, designs and shapes. All of the poufs pictured on this page are available in at least one other color. You can click through the links to get to the product page for pricing, dimensions and color choices. Don't you think you are missing out? Get a load of these poufs today!

Pouf Ottoman by SuryaPouf Ottoman by Surya

Maricela Fuzzy Pouf OttomanMaricela Fuzzy Pouf Ottoman

Corded Jute Cube Pouf OttomanCorded Jute Cube Pouf Ottoman

Moroccan Leather Pouf OttomanMoroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

Alana Pouf OttomanAlana Pouf Ottoman

Rope Knit Pouf OttomanRope Knit Pouf Ottoman

Personalized These Poufs

Shabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers multicolors round poufShabby flowers green round poufShabby flowers green round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufSoft yellow flowers round poufShabby flowers blue round poufShabby flowers blue round poufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufTropical Orchid Flower Floral Islands Pouf Pillow Round PoufShabby flowers red round poufShabby flowers red round poufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufYellow Dahlias (Customizable) Cube PoufPink Pale Floral PoufPink Pale Floral PoufVintage old rose poufVintage old rose poufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube PoufSpring Flowers & Ladybugs Cube Pouf

Abra Cadabra and Pouf

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